dead in lieu


In Aug. 2009 my bankruptcy was discharged, I had requested to reafirm my home. Two months ago I went to see about doing a short sale and was told my credit report does not show I have been making the payments on my home. Come to find out the house was not reafirmed. I have been making all payments on time and still am. Then I decided to try to get a loan to buy another home and was told I could not get an fha loan because I already have one. I was told my name is still on the title so I still own the home. In order to get out of this home I must stop making the payments and be forclosed on. Then it can take up to 3 to 7 years before a bank will give me another morgage. My question is if I reafim the home and do a short sale will I beable to get an fha morgage say in less than 2 months of doing the short sale. If I decided to do a dead in lieu instead will that prevent me from an fha loan and for how long. If you have any sugestions on how I may get out of #1 home and get into another home please let me know.


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I think you mean a deed in lieu.

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