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The Modern Farmhouse That Takes Your Breath Away At Mononk View Lane

loudog posted this 1,371 Views

This Modern Ulster County Farmhouse takes you back to yesterday when life was a little simpler and homes were simply built with spaces and forms that offered excitement. The combination of a modern innovative approach that offers class with the smart urban style makes this American Farmhouse unique and mesmerizing. The textures, forms and shapes utilized in the creation of this iconic farmhouse reflect fondly upon the classic upstate rural homes of yesterday. It is as if those who travele...

Ulster County New York Foreclosure Listings

loudog posted this 1,606 Views

If you are in the market for real estate in New York it will be essential for you to do some research before purchasing.   You will want to find the best deal available and capitalize on it.   In today’s real estate market, with property values consistently falling, it is increasingly important to ensure that your investment will be a good one.  There are some steps that you can take to guarantee that you have indeed made a sound investment.  One of the top things you can do to protect yours...

The History of New Paltz New York

loudog posted this 1,275 Views

The history of New Paltz begins with a small group of French Huguenots, refugees from Mannheim, Germany, who came to the New World in the mid-17th century.  In 1677 they negotiated the purchase of 39,000 acres with Native Americans in the area, obtained patent to that land from England, and in 1678 founded the present-day village of New Paltz. Their hometown of Mannheim was the capital of an area called the Rhenish Palatinate or, Rhein Pfalz in German.  The founders discarded the “f” in ...

Willam Dafoe's Rubber House is for Sale

loudog posted this 5 4,117 Views

Here in Ulster County, because of our easy access to New York City, we get a lot of celebs coming out here for a bit of country living. The celebrities we get as buyers usually demand absolute privacy using corporation names on office documents and meeting in absolute secrecy. The funny thing is that when it comes time to sell they use every branding tool available to them including telling the world who they are. Among those celebrities is actor Willem Dafoe who is currently listed at 85...

Moet the Office Turtle

loudog posted this 1 1,612 Views

It's a tortoise actually and he has made his new home in a back corner of the real estate office opposite my desk. A few weeks ago he was brought in by one of the owners, so we could keep an eye on him while they were on vacation. Moet used to be the household pet of the Sweeneys who along with Tom Jackson own and operate Prudential Nutshell Realty . The name "Moet" was undoubtedly chosen by Tim Sweeney who also owns a local wine shop and has nothing to do with the toroises choice ...

Email Marketing and Abuse Report Thresholds

loudog posted this 2 4,575 Views

I want to apologize in advance for getting a little ranty, but I have to get this out. I was shut down by my email marketing vendor for the second time because I exceeded an abuse threshold of .04 percent. What constitutes  abuse you ask? According to my vendor, abuse is when a user flags an email as spam using either an independent anti-spam software or built in protection provided by the ISP handling the mail. The abuse rate has nothing to do with the users who use the UNSUBSCRIBE ...

When being chased by a bear . . .

loudog posted this 7,224 Views

According to most SEO professionals I have read and followed, it is their advice to always write web content naturally on the subject (keyword term) you are targeting and the link juice will flow.  Other say that you should work on the title and just be sure you use the keywords a few times in your content.  I'm not so sure. Where do we spend our time? I listened to a pod-cast today where Mike Marshall (creator of the Theme Master LSI tool) talked about not spending your time...

Search Phrases are Growing

loudog posted this 3 1,451 Views

Now I know some of you more advanced SEO types are probably aware of this trend already, I just wanted to drop-a-post putting it out there for others like me that are a little less "SEO Savvy".  Lately I have seen increased traffic in some of my longer keyword phrases in my analytics account.  Naturally, I go to my favorite keyword research tool to see what was going on and discovered that the search volume on my 4,5 and 6 word phrases  were up significantl...

My Journey to PR 5

loudog posted this 8 1,353 Views

I know for a lot of you, page rank is an old blog topic that has been beat to death by SEOs and developers all over but for me, page rank still baffles me.  Currently, my website is a PR3 and it is my short term goal to get it to PR5.  Obviously, I would like it to be a PR10, but it is my plan to document my journey to PR5 here on this blog in hopes that some of the community can benefit. Getting started Although I have some ideas on how to start off, I am want to see what type of comm...

Going Green, what does it mean?!

loudog posted this 2 1,990 Views

Go Green, Go Eco-friendly. It seems everywhere you look you see buzz words like Carbon footprint, Global warming and Energy-efficient. These catch phrases have become part of our every day vocabulary (especially if you are in the real estate biz like I am).  As local real estate agents, we here at nutshell are doing our part to help Ulster County Green Real Estate. If you are looking to purchase or build a home, ask your builder or real estate sales person about energy efficient home feat...