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Penetrating Affluent Markets

For those listing agents that deal with the affluent market segments in their area one thing consistently rings true no matter what area of the country you work in . . . high-end listings usually come through word of mouth.  With every high end listing we get, we as real estate agents do almost as much to impress the client as we do to market the listing.  This ensure that we are talked about among the circles of the elite.  During the staging process, it is common to setup a decorative kiosk of relevant listing information and advertising materials.  One effective additive to your display is an album of photographs showing the detail of property in every perspective i.e summer, winter, fall, early morning, late evening, etc.

Sound time consuming and expensive?

Not really.  A service called will produce a quality, professional looking photo book for $13.  The service targets gift giving families but can prove useful as a real estate marketing tool.  With the service you upload the photos, tap out the descriptions and in a couple of days you have a quality document sure to impress.  Exponentially increase the exposure by adding the website address to each page. 

Lou Lynch
Associate Broker / Technology Director

Lou Lynch is an Ulster County real estate advisor and local area expert providing stellar home buyer and seller services in the Hudson Valley region of Upstate New York.


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Keith Lutz

This is a good idea, Loudog. My wife just ordered one of those books with all my kids pics in them and it never even crossed my mind, to do something like this ~ thanks!


Sure thing Keith. I actually found it the same way. Made one for my daughter and brought it into work. The photo on the cover was a pic of my house. A fellow agent walked by an picked up off my desk and said, "is this your new listing". I immediately made one for a listing I had and the seller was so impressed with it, I gave it to her after the house sold as a keepsake of her beautiful home. She began showing it to her friends which (believe it or not) resulted in a listing appointment. Go figure.


Nice tip, Lou. Something else to differentiate an agent in the market place. Plus, the seller has a great memory of their home to take with them when they move.


Yeah OC and show their friends (referrals). Thanks for the comment.

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