Moet the Office Turtle


Moet the office turtleIt's a tortoise actually and he has made his new home in a back corner of the real estate office opposite my desk. A few weeks ago he was brought in by one of the owners, so we could keep an eye on him while they were on vacation. Moet used to be the household pet of the Sweeneys who along with Tom Jackson own and operate Prudential Nutshell Realty . The name "Moet" was undoubtedly chosen by Tim Sweeney who also owns a local wine shop and has nothing to do with the toroises choice in champagne.  Now Moet enjoys being fed constantly by every real estate agent that passes by. His diet is made up of brightly colored fruits and vegetables with his favorites being tomatoes and strawberries.

What's the difference between a tortoise and a turtle?

According to the reptile guide found on, tortoises live on land and eat a primarily vegetarian diet, and turtles live in or near the water and eat a meat-based diet or a combination of meat and vegetation. The way to physically identify the difference is the height of the shell. Tortoises have a high domed shell where turtles are lower and wider.







Lou Lynch
Associate Broker / Technology Director

Lou Lynch is an Ulster County real estate advisor and local area expert providing stellar home buyer and seller services in the Hudson Valley region of Upstate New York.


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awww, Moet's so CUTE :)

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