Real Estate Office Antics

In this category, I plan to give outsiders a little insight as to common occurances in our office.

Moet the Office Turtle

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It's a tortoise actually and he has made his new home in a back corner of the real estate office opposite my desk. A few weeks ago he was brought in by one of the owners, so we could keep an eye on him while they were on vacation. Moet used to be the household pet of the Sweeneys who along with Tom Jackson own and operate Prudential Nutshell Realty . The name "Moet" was undoubtedly chosen by Tim Sweeney who also owns a local wine shop and has nothing to do with the toroises choice ...

Naked Real Estate

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Here in Upstate New York we enjoy a niche market consisting of New York City residents looking to escape city life and enjoy a little of what country living has to offer.  Along with the extra acreage, privacy, views and water features comes one other requirement of our city buyers, a feature I refer to as the naked factor. The naked factor refers to either the entire property or a portion of the property being secluded enough to be comfortably naked outside.  I don't understand ...