The Hudson Valley Area

The Hudson Valley is made up of several counties along the Hudson River just below the lower halfway mark of New York . Some will refer to it as the most beautiful part of New York.

The Modern Farmhouse That Takes Your Breath Away At Mononk View Lane

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This Modern Ulster County Farmhouse takes you back to yesterday when life was a little simpler and homes were simply built with spaces and forms that offered excitement. The combination of a modern innovative approach that offers class with the smart urban style makes this American Farmhouse unique and mesmerizing. The textures, forms and shapes utilized in the creation of this iconic farmhouse reflect fondly upon the classic upstate rural homes of yesterday. It is as if those who travele...

Willam Dafoe's Rubber House is for Sale

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Here in Ulster County, because of our easy access to New York City, we get a lot of celebs coming out here for a bit of country living. The celebrities we get as buyers usually demand absolute privacy using corporation names on office documents and meeting in absolute secrecy. The funny thing is that when it comes time to sell they use every branding tool available to them including telling the world who they are. Among those celebrities is actor Willem Dafoe who is currently listed at 850...

Going Green, what does it mean?!

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Go Green, Go Eco-friendly. It seems everywhere you look you see buzz words like Carbon footprint, Global warming and Energy-efficient. These catch phrases have become part of our every day vocabulary (especially if you are in the real estate biz like I am).  As local real estate agents, we here at nutshell are doing our part to help Ulster County Green Real Estate. If you are looking to purchase or build a home, ask your builder or real estate sales person about energy efficient home featu...

Hudson Valley Real Estate (in a Nutshell)

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Nobody really knows exactly where the Hudson Valley Real Estate Area starts and stops. As the term becomes more marketable it seems that it takes on a life of its’ own and grows in every direction along the Hudson River. From a real estate perspective, second-home buyers looking for the most bang for their buck are looking on the west side of the river heading more north into the Catskills, in search of more home buying value. Ulster and Sullivan Counties seem to be the destination of choice...