The Modern Farmhouse That Takes Your Breath Away At Mononk View Lane


This Modern Ulster County Farmhouse takes you back to yesterday when life was a little simpler and homes were simply built with spaces and forms that offered excitement. The combination of a modern innovative approach that offers class with the smart urban style makes this American Farmhouse unique and mesmerizing. The textures, forms and shapes utilized in the creation of this iconic farmhouse reflect fondly upon the classic upstate rural homes of yesterday. It is as if those who traveled the country roads pulled this home from tantalizing memories where huge white homes rested upon hills and were only gazed upon by those who dreamed of inhabiting them.

This home was designed to make you feel right at home and yet offer that sense of discovery that always greets a new beginning. It could easily be a weekend home or a place you would dwell in the entire year with its efficient green design that challenges the ordinary.

The living area in this house will astonish you with its 28- foot ceilings, a wooden crackling fireplace on one end and the entertainment center on the other. The two decks, which appear to be an extension of the living area lead to separate views to appreciate. One deck offers you the beauty of roaming farmlands that climb to the Shawangunk mountain range while the other invites you to the 18-hole golf course that spreads out in front of it. Built with the homeowner that loves to host large parties these decks are warm and welcoming while still offering seclusion for those intimately private moments.

The master suite seems to seclude you from all other areas of the home offering a relaxingly private getaway to enjoy the six foot Japanese style bath tub that finds a home between his and her vanities especially designed for your convenience. In addition the toilet room and shower are separated allowing for a spa like appearance that sooths the spirit and above windows that let the warmth of nature greet you in relaxation.

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Lou Lynch
Associate Broker / Technology Director

Lou Lynch is an Ulster County real estate advisor and local area expert providing stellar home buyer and seller services in the Hudson Valley region of Upstate New York.


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