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I think signatures are a great tool for real estate agents. I train my agents to use them as a method of response to an otherwise daunting task of replying to large volumes of website leads (thanks to REW).

Our email system (Outlook on an in-house Exchange server) has the capability of creating several signatures per email account. With this feature we have our agents create several signatures with canned response content based on the most common requests for information we recieve via the website. That way if a website request on land comes in, the agent has a canned response for land he or she can use to reply to it. The same could be done with condos, single family, etc. What makes this great is that you can take your time and come up with a very well written response uniquely qualifying you as an expert in the individual areas of land, condos, single families, etc. Using this as a start you can create dozens of signatures as you go in response to more nich markets; i.e equestrian properties, first time home buyers . . . sky is the limit. To make it even better add a couple of sentences selling yourself in general making you the agent of choice.

One other little tip: When creating these canned responses, leave room for a little customization to add some un iqueness to it, refer to a peice of information in the customer's request like "I am moving from California" . . . mention California or some sort of personalized information in the opening paragraph to avoid a completely "canned response. This will hopefully entice the customer to continue reading and you will be in compliance with the Anti-spam act.

Here is an example of one that I use to first respond to a web inquiry

************************************************** *******

Dear <<customer name >>

Thank you for your email, I too have lived in Phoenix and prefer Upstate New York. You will find the market to be a little different here and would love to talk more about it when you have a chance.

The link below will lead you to a very detailed information sheet on the property you requested information on. If you are interested in this or any property in Ulster County I can be of great help. I am an Ulster County Top producer 2007 and provide stellar service for buyers looking for homes in the Hudson Valley.

Click Here to View Ulster County Real Estate Listings

If you are very serious about locating a specific property and have a time frame, I can actively search for you. This being the case, it would be a good idea that you and I chat about exactly what you are looking for.

Contact me at any time using the information below and I can answer any question you may have or show you any property.

I look forward to working with you and as always, my buyer services to you are free.

Best Regards,

- Lou Lynch

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Lou Lynch
Associate Broker / Technology Director

Lou Lynch is an Ulster County real estate advisor and local area expert providing stellar home buyer and seller services in the Hudson Valley region of Upstate New York.


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