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Marc Rasmussen

Goal - My New Website On 1st Page Of Google By 4th Quarter Of 2008 - Part 2

Marc Rasmussen posted this 12 889 Views

Here is my previous post - In a nutshell, I made the goal about a month ago to get my newest sarasota real estate website on the first page of Google for 'sarasota real estate'. I have not been working on it as diligently as I could have. I have been busy selling real estate (knock on wood). I ran into a string of buyers that were ready to do something now. That seems to be rare in this market. My partner and I ha...

Goal - My New Website on 1st page of Google by 4th Quarter of 2008

Marc Rasmussen posted this 14 1,238 Views

Accountability can be a good thing. I figure if that I post my goal here in front of everyone it will give me more motivation to accomplish it. It is like telling everyone that you are on a diet. Goal: To get my new website - Sarasota real estate on the first page of Google for 'sarasota real estate' by the 4th quarter of 2008. I will mostly stick to the basics in my efforts to get there. You know, the stuff we talk about about on the REW forums and blogs. The Competi...

Are your commissions going up or down?

Marc Rasmussen posted this 4 1,062 Views

I am curious to hear what real estate commissions are doing in your area through this current real estate roller coaster. Here in Sarasota, Florida the average real estate commission is on the rise.  When I started selling real estate in 2000 I remember a good mix of 7% and 6% commissions with probably the majority of listings at 7%. Back in 2000 you could purchase a nice starter home for $90,000. It seemed to stay this way from 2000-2003.   Like most areas from 2003 to 20...

Article Writing Service - Should You Use Them?

Marc Rasmussen posted this 5 940 Views

Last week I wanted some articles written to promote my new luxury sarasota home website. I had a good buyer in town last week (they were good buyers because they bought) and did not have the energy to write an article. So, instead of scanning the realestatewebmasters forum to find a good vendor I just did a quick search on Google. Does REW write articles? Sorry Morgan that I don't know this. Below is one of the articles that was written for me. What do you think of the quality...

Worst cities for homeowner debt

Marc Rasmussen posted this 840 Views

Forbes came out with the top 50 cities with the worst homeowner debt. You can read the entire article here. I don't know how accurate it is but I can tell the put some effort into the article. As a Floridian, it is refreshing to see that there is only 1 Florida city on the list. However, it makes me wonder how good the study is since Florida is one of the worst states for foreclosures. Here are the top 50 cities for worst homeowner debt: 1. Sacramento--Arden- Arcade--Roseville,...

5 ways to avoid buyer burnout

Marc Rasmussen posted this 5 891 Views

1. Don’t work with buyers. You can make a lot of money if you are a good listing agent. Remember the old saying that you have to “list to last”. I don’t completely agree with that since most of my income the last 5 years have come from buyers. However, if you look in any market the largest producers are usually the big listing agents. 2. Qualify. Qualify. Qualify. I see way too many agents just hop in the car to go show property without really qualifying the prospe...

Tracking Inventories

Marc Rasmussen posted this 1 1,011 Views

  Take a look at these charts showing of the number of Sarasota homes and condos for sale, pending and closed. I ran them from May of 2004 to January 2008. This gives you a pretty good perspective of what is happening in the Sarasota, Florida real estate market. In May of 2004 we had 1904 homes and condos on the market with 819 units closing that month. In stark contrast, in January 2008 we have 7,975 homes and condos for sale with 228 closing that month. I fin...

Part 2 - Google Spam Team Targets Real Estate Websites

Marc Rasmussen posted this 8 3,476 Views

A shot across the bow   Advanced Access is an enormous real estate website provider with around 30,000 Realtor websites. I am not up to speed on the details but apparently many or all of the Advanced Access users were penalized by Yahoo. Many of the AA users would trade links with each other and it was possibly viewed by Yahoo as one big incestuous link farm.   Advanced Access hired Greg Boser, a search engine guru, to solve their problems with Yahoo. His recommendation...

Part 1 - Google Spam Team Targets Real Estate Websites

Marc Rasmussen posted this 1,885 Views

I have been debating the last half hour on whether I should even write this article/blog post. I have recently made a few comments over at Matt Cutts’ blog about what Google has recently done and a few of my real estate peers thought it was a bit brave or stupid for being outspoken. I will take my chances and write about what is happening. Hopefully, someone can learn from this in the future. Will Google keep me in the penalty box longer? Hopefully not.   If you have any ...

Happy Holidays!

Marc Rasmussen posted this 2 1,000 Views

Happy Holidays to everyone!  I really like the new blog design.  I will really start actively reading and participating here.