It's amazing to me how many times I am on a listing appointment in the Canton Real Estate Market and I am competing against other agents who never inform the sellers of what the current market statistics are.  How can a seller make an educated decision without knowing the facts about what exactly is going on in the real estate market.  Well those that are interested here are the latest statistics for the Canton Michigan Real Estate Market.

There are currently 888 Homes for sale in Canton, Michigan, of which 70 homes sold in the last 30 days.  That means 8% of the inventory is being sold each month.  951 homes have sold this entire year in Canton.  It took an average of 160 days to sell each home and if no other homes came on the market we now have 12 month supply of inventory.  Unfortunately 113 new homes came on the market last month in Canton, Michigan.  Last month 76 homes that were listed for sale, had their listing agreement expire and never sold.  If you are interested in searching homes for sale in Canton Michigan go to

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They do not talk about current market statistics because usually they are the agents who will list it for what ever the owner thinks it is worth (just to obtain the listing). Sounds like your inventory is moving slow like ours.

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