I'm very excited about the real estate market that is spreading across the country. While most Realtors think this is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to our industry, I'm looking at all the positive things that will come out of this market. Lets face it, there are a lot of Realtors who are having their best year ever, not to brag but me included. There are a lot of Realtors who have sold more houses than they have ever sold before. There are a lot of Realtors who have done positive things that they have never done during the "great markets."

For all the agents that have figured out ways to still get homes SOLD, they will finally earn the respect they deserve from the general public. Let’s face it, for a long time anybody could sell a home. All you had to do was put a sign in the ground and throw it in the MLS and every house sold. That’s why the business attracted so much garbage.

There was a time, For Sale By Owners were so cocky they wouldn't even entertain what a Realtor had to say. Now, you stop by a For Sale By Owner, and they are a sponge. They want to listen to you and they are very curious as to what we are doing to get a home sold, because what they are doing isn't working. When you stop and talk to them, you have to offer them something different, something that will make them ponder as to whether thats the difference they need in order to get their home sold.

Now after years and years of part time agents making a substantial amount of money, being a Realtor has turned into a "Full Time Job" or it's not even worth doing. You just can't make it part time; there are too many activities that need to be done on every one of our seller’s homes to get them the exposure they need, to get that gorgeous SOLD SIGN on their front lawn.

I don't know about the rest of you, but every time I sell a house in today’s market, word spreads fast and I have been getting so many more referrals than I have ever in a good market. Besides that, think about this, when the market does turn around and things are booming again, the agents that succeeded in a terrible market will be light years ahead of the competition. Who do you think everyone is going to call?

Don't be shy to throw up that SOLD SIGN, a good week before closing to get the credit you deserve in the neighborhood and there has never been a better time to send out those JUST SOLD postcards. And don't just send them out once, I send them out 2 or 3 times to the same neighborhood for the same house I sold.  Get your name to become familiar with the word SOLD. Everyone is looking for a "JUST SOLD REALTOR", if you know what I mean. In a good market nobody cares that you just sold a home; in this kind of market try saying you sold a home when you're standing in crowd. Now thats why I say the word SOLD is as catchy as the word SEX nowadays. Use it to your advantage.

I would love to hear success stories from Realtors who are experiencing some positive outcomes from this market. A lot of Realtors are feeling down and out and I think this may help them concentrate more on the positive aspects of this market. Mindset is everthing, you get what you think about.  Feel free to visit my Real Estate In Northville Michigan website and my Metro Detroit Real Estate Blog to learn more about what I'm doing to get so many homes sold in this market.

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Well Said Mark,

Professionals know how to work with the market... Good or Bad..


While agents were complaining last year I had a record year. Unfortunately, this year isn't coming near last year and I'm having to work harder. But I'm positive because I feel the same way; when the market gets back on track I'll be a step ahead of most agents (the one's that are left).

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