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Historic Home for Sale: E.S. Hoyt House in Red Wing

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A piece of Minnesota architectural history is now for sale in Red Wing, Minnesota. The extraordinary E.S. Hoyt House was designed by Minneapolis-based architecture firm of Purcell & Elmslie. To market this unique property, the Barker & Hedges Team with Re/Max Results have been chosen as the listing agents! The bold, red house at 300 Hill Street in Red Wing, Minnesota, was built in 1913 for E.S. Hoyt, who at the time was president of the nationally-known Red Wing Stoneware Company....

Affordable Advantage Zero Down Payment Loan vs. FHA

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A decade ago the first zero-down payment program came out.  Then, a few years ago, they went away since the lending industry took a turn for the worse.  Affordable Advantage is now back for Minnesota first time home buyers who have proven their ability to pay on time and have good credit!  Here’s a comparison chart that shows the difference between FHA and the Affordable Advantage -conventional financing with zero down payment.   So what’s the skinny on this new MN zero down progr...

Month 2 Data Post: Forced vs. Unforced Registration Test

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We are into the 2nd month of testing and the results are becoming somewhat predictable, which is one of the biggest surprises so far.  We have pitted our Forced Website against our Unforced Website to determine which generates more leads.  We have tracked conversion rates, lead registration types, traffic, and trends. This week marked the first time that the websites showed the same results for non-IDX leads.  It was also a new low for conversion rate for the Unforced site ...

New Data is In for the Forced vs Unforced Registration Test

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We are 4-weeks into our Forced vs. Unforced Registration Test and the results have been predictable, unpredictable, shocking and just plain interesting.  If you are not familiar with what we are doing, Read More about our project. When this all began, we were cautiously optimistic about having a Forced Registration website and not sure what to do with our other 2 LEC's that Real Estate Webmasters built for us.  Without hard data to convince us, we embarked on this journey and so...

The Great Debate: Forced vs. Unforced Registration Websites

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To Force or Not to Force? Registration, that is. It's a hotly debated topic and one with good arguments on both sides. We've been dabbling in the online Real Estate game for several years and finally decided to get serious this year. By serious, I mean, we hired Real Estate Webmasters to fix our broken sites and we just completed the launch of our 3rd LEC last month. With all this shinny new technology came a fundamental decision about whether to make these websites Forced or Unforced R...