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If you are looking for a great high-end neighborhood on the coast of California, you may be interested in Manhattan Beach Homes for sale. Although the homes can be expensive, many people purchase them because of the many benefits of the community. Great schools, low crime rates, high-income averages and a low population density are just some of the things that make this area attractive to those who can afford the luxury beach homes.

Manhattan Beach homes for sale are currently listing between $700,000 and almost $4 million. Although the area sees a consistent growth in population over time, still relatively few people live in this area. The population in 2000 was just over 30,000. Expensive homes reduce the risk of overcrowding and make it possible for schools and other organizations to have lower ratios of professionals to consumers. An award winning set of schools service the area, including five elementary schools that feed into one middle school and high school.

Over 64% of the employed individuals in the area report that their job is management or professional. The unemployment rate in Manhattan Beach is less than half that of surrounding areas like Los Angeles. When you look at the cost of Manhattan Beach homes for sale, you realize that anyone who purchases such a home should be secure in his or her career. For those in a stable career, such a large home purchase is not necessarily a bad move, even in the current down economy. The historical success of the area means that in the long run, home values should remain steady or increase, making the home purchase a decent investment.

Even with the hefty price tag of many
Manhattan Beach homes for sale, the average income for people living in the area is surprisingly low. Statistics gathered in 2000 show that the average income is about $107,000 per year. Although this may seem low in comparison to the home prices, it is more than double the average income for nearby Los Angeles County. Not all homes in the area are million dollar mansions, either. Families who are seeking something a bit more modest may be able to find houses around the half million-dollar range, if they are persistent. The only problem with getting a good deal on a house in the area is that the neighborhood is so nice and successful, people tend to stay put.

When you do find Manhattan Beach homes for sale in the right price range for you, you will want to act quickly to close the deal. In order to ensure you get the best deal, you should use a real estate agent who is familiar with the area. An agent who is used to dealing with $200,000 or less homes in the city may not have the right skill sets for negotiating on the higher-end market. A real estate agent who knows the ropes in Manhattan Beach may be able to save you a great deal of time and money during the home purchase process.

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