C Street will become Cleaner in a matter of Months


Have you ever walked down C street and thought to yourself that the street should be a lot cleaner than it is? Well, you got your wish because 13 blocks of C street are going to be revitalized. Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) approved to have a 2 month revitalization project to help C street with appearance, safety and overall boost for the street. C street runs through the Columbia District over to the Core district through the East Village of Downtown San Diego. The project is to be funded by the downtown redevelopment property tax increment and cost $284,000. The new street will have energy efficient brighter lighting, widening the sidewalk while improving them, fixing broken gutters and curbs and changing out the plants. This is a great start to help C Street. C street has a lot of little shops and the san diego trolley runs along the street. Many San Diego residences walk along this street every day and it's nice to see that this is getting some attention. Smart Corner is one of Downtown San Diego Complexes that's on this street.


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