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How to repair jalousie windows

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Repairing jalousie windows, also known as louvered windows Jalousie windows are common in Hawaii, with good reason. These windows provide nearly 100% air flow when open and they easily close to prevent wind and rain from coming in.  Temperatures in Hawaii stay within a fairly narrow range.  In the summer we see highs around 90 degrees (fahrenheit) and in the winter temperatures sometimes get as cold as the high 50's.  Homes in Hawaii rarely have heat...

Do it yourselfers - get a Sawzall!

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The Sawzall is great for do it yourself work     Have you ever heard of a Sawzall?  I hadn't until some handymen did some work around my place recently.   I'm one of those old fashioned guys that would use a regular hand saw for cutting things up.  I have one saw for wood and another for metals. We moved to our home in Palolo Valley last year and it was a fixer upper.  There was a lot of junk to be cleared from the yard too.  I talked with the ...