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Flamingo Restaurant Kapiolani Boulevard Honolulu

Have you eaten at Flamingo Restaurant on Kapiolani Boulevard?  If you haven't, well you're too late!  On October 22nd 2008, the owners announced that the restaurant would close on Sunday, October 26th.  My wife and I went to Flamingo for the last time on Thursday the 23rd.

The restaurant was popular because of its local style food and meals which included a drink and dessert.  For our last dinner at Flamingo Kapiolani, my wife had a breaded chicken cutlet with brown gravy.  I had the Oyako Donburi (chicken, rice and egg with some vegetables).  The chicken cutlet tasted better, but if you're watching your waistline this is a meal best eaten on rare occasions.

Flamingo dining room

According to the newspaper, the owners of Flamingo had a buyer lined up but the landlord and prospective buyer could not agree on the lease terms.   The idea was dropped and Flamingo Kapiolani closed.  Last year, the Flamingo restaurant in Kaneohe closed on July 22, 2007.  There's one remaining Flamingo restaurant, located on Kam Highway in Pearl City

If you've been on Oahu for awhile, you may remember the Flamingo Chuckwagon.  It was just about a block away from Flamingo Kapiolani, right where a new condo building -  Moana Vista - is under construction.  Flamingo Chuckwagon had a buffet and it was very popular.  I remember eating there as a young kid and even having dinner there during college days.

Flamingo Chuckwagon was originally the Elliot Chuckwagon until it was purchased by the Nagamine family (owners of Flamingo) in 1967.  The restaurant closed in 1998.

If you get sad seeing another Honolulu establishment close, there are still plenty of other places to visit.  Checkout Rainbow Drive In, W&M Barbecue and St. Louis Drive in, among others.

Aloha, Mike


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