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Hawaii Nostalgia

Hawaii landmarks, TV shows and Photos

Honolulu's Victoria Inn Closes

mikey posted this 1,473 Views

Another landmark restaurant in Honolulu closed its doors on December 9, 2011.   My wife heard about the pending closure the day before and we had breakfast at Victoria Inn that Sunday.  Coincidentally, it was the same day as the Honolulu Marathon.  We didn't run in the marathon this year but we did think about all those runners as we ate our breakfast!  On this last day of business, the place was packed. There was little notice, just a couple of days beforehand the...

Celebrate Kaimuki and the Kaimuki Craft Fair - November 6, 2010

mikey posted this 2,386 Views

This past weekend Kaimuki hosted two events - Celebrate Kaimuki Kanikapila and the Kaimuki Craft Fair.  Both events were held on Saturday, November 6th and made for lots of fun things to do! Lucky I live Palolo - it was an easy bike ride down to Waialae Avenue where the events took place.  One of the things that caught my eye was the Friends of Queen Theatre tent.   Most of Oahu's stand-alone theatres have vanished in the last couple of decades.  The Queen has been sitting vaca...

How's the new Hawaii Five-O?

mikey posted this 3 1,334 Views

Have you watched the new Hawaii Five-O yet?  Hawaii residents have eagerly awaited it. So far, so good!  We like seeing our island home on TV. Not that it's been perfect.  In the first episode Kono Kalakaua (played by Grace Park) gets dropped in on a wave while she's surfing.  On the beach, she says "Yo Bro" and smacks the guy who dropped in on her. Umm, hello in Hawaii a local would say "Eh Brah!" In the second episode, McGarrett criticizes Danno's mainland style clothes and say...

Save Honolulu's Queen Theater

mikey posted this 2 2,987 Views

Queen Theater is located at the corner of Waialae Avenue and Center Street in Honolulu.  It's a part of the historic Kaimuki neighborhood and recently some individuals have been making efforts to save it. Save it from what? - some people might ask.  Well it's been sitting vacant for about 30 years.  How much longer can this last? When the economy picks up some developer might decide to tear it down and turn it into a convenience store or something like that.  Whatever happens, I hope some...

Hawaii celebrates 50 years of statehood

mikey posted this 1 2,905 Views

We call it "Admissions Day" - on August 21, 1959 Hawaii became the 50th state!  Over the course of this week, local newspapers have included special sections about statehood and there are some TV specials being aired. Today started like most any other day, except it's a state holiday.  State offices were closed and most state workers got to spend time in the sun or at home relaxing.  I was lucky enough to get a phone call, saying "surf's up" at Ala M...

Nostalgic Hawaii

mikey posted this 3,851 Views

Are you into Hawaii Nostalgia?  I love it.  Hawaii Airplane history I've had an interest in World War II airplanes since I was a young kid.  There's a great website prepared by the Hawaii Aviation Preservation Society that has lots of photos of vintage airplanes, long forgotten airfields and famous landmarks such as Diamond Head.  If you're into vintage propeller-driven airplanes, you will love this website.  Hawaii Five-0 A favorite TV show about th...

Aloha Airlines revival?

mikey posted this 2,893 Views

The Aloha Airlines name may fly Hawaii skies again You may have heard that Aloha Airlines shut down on March 31, 2008.  In an odd twist of fate, the Aloha Airlines name may be revived. Mesa Airlines entered the Hawaii market in 2006 with its regional company named go! Airlines.  Prior to go!, Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines were charging around $150 per roundtrip between the Hawaiian Islands.  go! started a fare war ...

Flamingo Kapiolani closes

mikey posted this 1 3,728 Views

Have you eaten at Flamingo Restaurant on Kapiolani Boulevard?  If you haven't, well you're too late!  On October 22nd 2008, the owners announced that the restaurant would close on Sunday, October 26th.  My wife and I went to Flamingo for the last time on Thursday the 23rd. The restaurant was popular because of its local style food and meals which included a drink and dessert.  For our last dinner at Flamingo Kapiolani, my wife had a breaded chicken cutlet with...

Honolulu fixer upper house

mikey posted this 1 3,138 Views

  This house is on Lincoln Avenue in Kaimuki.  It went on the market for $525,000 on September 19th, 2008.  If you've watched Honolulu home prices for awhile, you know that a house for sale in this neighborhood in the $500's is a rarity.  The price was reduced to $505,000 on December 12, 2008 and $495,000 on January 16, 2009 and reduced again to $475,000 on March 12, 2009. Does it need work?  Yes.  However, the house seems to be...