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VA loan limits for Hawaii are increased to $741,250 for 2011. This is for 100% financing with no cash down on a home purchase. The VA funding fee can be financed as part of the $741,250.

No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required, the VA guarantees 25% of the home's appraised value, thus eliminating PMI.

In some instances disabled veterans are exempt from the VA funding fee.

If a service member is overseas, his/her spouse can satisfy the occupancy requirements.

VA loans can sometimes be structured so that a buyer needs very little cash to pay at closing. Be safe, save some cash - having zero cash and planning to buy a home can result in disappointment. And please don't buy a new car while shopping for homes. That's a proven way of overloading one's credit and putting the brakes on buying a home.

Military serving overseas - you might still qualify for the first time homebuyer credit! Your offer must be accepted no later than April 30, 2011 and the transaction must close by June 30, 2011.

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