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Practicum Students ITAS Malaspina University College Nanaimo

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Welcome design and programming students from Malaspina University College. We are happy to announce our offerings for practicum students this year. Overview: Real Estate Webmasters is the largest web development firm in our beautiful city of Nanaimo. We are currently looking to expand our staff of developers (Currently 25+) in both the graphic / web design department and the PHP / LINUX programming department. We are looking for the best of the best and this is a great opportunity to star...

Creating a diverse linking portfolio for real estate websites

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For those real estate webmasters that are trying to improve their natural search engine rankings, this link building blog post is a must read. Here I will cover many of the link building strategies that will help you increase your pagerank and link popularity, which as we all know will help improve your search engine rankings. Authoring for authority websites: This is one of the hardest yet most effective link building strategies there is. Basically the premise is to manage to get yoursel...

Submitting Real Estate Websites to DMOZ

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Submitting to DMOZ is always a good idea, even if it takes quite some time to get accepted. The reasons for this is that not only do you get a high quality backlink from DMOZ which is one of the oldest true authority directories on the web, you also get backlinks from websites that use the DMOZ to supplement their directories via the DMOZ dump which is available to anyone willing to adhere to the DMOZ dump terms of service. So how do you submit to DMOZ if you are a real estate agent? First ...


REW Blogs update

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A great big hello to all REW Bloggers. This is the first official test of my REW Blogs updating system. I will be periodically sending updates to all REW Blog users with helpful tips, news on recent upgrades and releases, helpful threads on how to best use the REW blogs and much more. So here goes, a couple of quick tips for you. About yourself - when you are logged in to REW Blogs, you will see a link that goes to "Blog Settings" click on this and you will see tha...

Jake Marsh upgrade

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I usually don't do this but I thought it might be fun to give the members a glimpse into what I do on a daily basis when working with client's websites. Domain and history The website I am working on tonight is - Jake and Greg have been clients of mine for over 2 years now and through a lot of hard work, we first page rankings in Google for their coveted search term "Denver Real Estate" and tons of other terms. The traffic, leads and conversions have been great ho...

Article Submission traffic and rankings anyone?

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Submitting articles to the web for public consumption and distribution has always been a great idea. There are many benefits to article submission and I would like to touch on a few of them here: Increased traffic and search engine rankings: First lets touch base on traffic: There are many article submission website sites out there that have quite a respectable amount of traffic and search engine authority. By submitting articles to these directories, you expose yourself and your business t...


REW Blogs now available to public

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After much testing and user feedback we have now opened the REW Blogs to the public, now any real estate professional can apply for an REW blog and showcase their prowess as an internet savvy web 2.0 Realtor. How to apply for an REW blog: Go to the REW Forum and send a private message to the community administrator Morgan Carey (Member username webmaster) *You must be logged into the forum to send private messages In your private message, put in the message title "Requesting an REW Blo...

Firefox users add RSS to your toolbar

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If you are a firefox user, and you click the RSS feed link on your favorite REW Blog authors blog, you can add an automatic update bookmark link to your firefox toolbox. It's actually really cool, you get notifications when new posts are made, so you can go check them out. I should do this for REW Forums 2.0

Xoompad IDX using forum spamming to advertise

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I tell you if I had a dollar for every time some sleazy company tried to spam our real estate community with their self promotional crap, I would not need to offer any fee for service development, I could just retire. Who is the newest spammer? Xoompad IDX They post "Revolutionary IDX Solution" as their tagline, and then go on to talk about how great their product is. First of all, this is spam and is NOT appreciated. In my opinion there is nothing revolutionary about xoom pad th...

Blogalytics: Let your traffic guide your topics

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Ok so what is blogalytics? Blogalytics is a term I just made up by combining the word Blog and the word analytics - Make sense? Ok seriously though, this blog post is TOTALLY worth reading to the end, so keep reading. (Especially for you REW bloggers) Blogalytics is a technique I have practiced, and selectively shared with friends that helps alleviate the annoying task of trying to decide what to blog about while at the same time being guaranteed that your blog posts will receive the kind...