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Page counter counting category wide

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Instead of counting the individual stats for a page, in terms of pageviews, currently the pageview counter is summing all pageviews for all articles in a category - now this could be handy I suppose, but wasnt what I wanted, Mike if you are reading this, we need to fix this on monday :-) That being said, I think I running total for all category posts would be good to.

Getting the most out of links

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Most of us all know the search engine ranking benefit our websites receive from getting inbound links to our websites from other relevant topic specific websites. When you think about it though, for the most part the way agents are exchanging links currently (Peer to peer link exchange from buried links pages) this is the only benefit being gained from the exchange. So I think it is time we evaluated this proposition - consider the following: #1 - The real estate industry is built ...


reverse order of comments

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The way the comments are posted it is newest on top, this makes no sense, I need to reverse the order in which comments are posted so they are more readable and users can follow them.

Nanaimo British Columbia

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Nanaimo is now experiencing a great deal of growth, especially in the old city area and on the waterfront. There is some fear of overdevelopment as building sizes begin to increase, blocking water views from further back along the city. The current council is also working hard to solve the drug and biker issues often associated with Nanaimo. Nanaimo is also experiencing a significant increase in tech related work, especially with regards to the internet. High education levels and a low co...

Blockquote question for memphis

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Ed if you look below this post you will see a place for comments, you are referring to those little quotation elements within the blockquote correct?

mini golfing at paradise in parksville

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Well it's Saturday and it came down to Bowling or minigolf for my son and I and he chose minigolfing so we are off to paradise golf course in parksville - always a good time.

email replies to comments

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We should have it so that users need to leave an email address for replies to their comments. This would encourage more commenting in the blogs.

image uploading

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the image uploading is WAY to complicated for the end user, need to adapt some of the features or remove them to make it much more obvious.

Limit to the amount of posts in the mainpage

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We really should limit the amount of posts that show up in the mainpage - of course there should be some sort of archiving function for each category as well so that the category sections dont get full to. Perhaps we could do it by date with a timestamp or something, even still what if a category gets more than a 100 entries in a month? Perhaps we could pageinate the listings in the monthy archive so that there is proper spiderability.