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Digg, delicious etc

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Each post should have an automatic link to DIGG, Delicious and other blogging communities so that people can save their favorite blog articles. As much exposure for the blogs as we can come up the is the issue of the post, lets get it going.

open a new window for cities

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We should make it so that if someone clicks on the link for a city, that city page is opened in a new window, this is make is so that if a user leaves the site via a listing or adsense, they will still have where they came from open in the background to easily search other listings.

Editing main site links

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Right now the only options are adding and deleted links from the main nav, we need to be able to edit them as well.

REW Directory Planning

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I am starting to work on a revamp of and one of the things we are working on is the display data for the individual listings for realtors on both the sponsored and non sponsored levels. I was thinking we should display the agent / broker / or listings offices address so that it shows up on Google maps, perhaps even display a Google map with a tab for details and contact.

Basic custom MLS / IDX

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A lot of people want to know the difference between our basic custom IDX and a more advanced (More expensive) IDX solution. Here is a quick breakdown of the basic. Search Page: allows users to choose bedrooms, baths, sq foot, min / max price, area, property type, you know the basics that all main search pages have. Listings Page:  This is a list of properties "basic" view which shows a thumbnail of the property and some basic info: Price, Area, Beds, Bath and then a "Vi...

Phoenix Childrens Hospital REW Client Sponsorship

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Hey Guys, One of my clients Brandon Hunt, of is running a marathon in support of Logan Herman or "Logibear" who is a 16 month old patient diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I personally think this is a great cause and have donated $50 - if anyone else would like to contribute to this cause, myself, Brandon and of course little Logibear would really appreciate it. Here is Brandons actual sponsorship correspondance I am running in the Phoe...

layout broken in ie

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Need to fix a bug that breaks the permalink post in ie - basically I think the comment box Mike installed is to wide and is causing the content to fall to the left and below the Google ads.

NWMLS (North West MLS) Threatens fines to its own realtors

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There is a very intersting debate going on regarding a realtors right to use the phrase "MLS" on their website or in their marketing. Basically the discussion came about because a member of real estate webmasters who is also a realtor for John L Scott in Washington received an email from the NWMLS (North West MLS) threatening to fine him for using the phrase "Seattle MLS" in his description for his website posted here at REW. The gist of the description went like this: ...

Page counter counting category wide

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Instead of counting the individual stats for a page, in terms of pageviews, currently the pageview counter is summing all pageviews for all articles in a category - now this could be handy I suppose, but wasnt what I wanted, Mike if you are reading this, we need to fix this on monday :-) That being said, I think I running total for all category posts would be good to.