Morgan Carey

email replies to comments

Morgan Carey posted this 1 2,196 Views

We should have it so that users need to leave an email address for replies to their comments. This would encourage more commenting in the blogs.

image uploading

Morgan Carey posted this 2,119 Views

the image uploading is WAY to complicated for the end user, need to adapt some of the features or remove them to make it much more obvious.

Limit to the amount of posts in the mainpage

Morgan Carey posted this 2,267 Views

We really should limit the amount of posts that show up in the mainpage - of course there should be some sort of archiving function for each category as well so that the category sections dont get full to. Perhaps we could do it by date with a timestamp or something, even still what if a category gets more than a 100 entries in a month? Perhaps we could pageinate the listings in the monthy archive so that there is proper spiderability.

No way to edit the blogwide external links

Morgan Carey posted this 2,261 Views

I am not even sure If I want to have the external links now that we have the post specific links - but for now we should keep them and be able to edit them. Perhaps that we be a good place to list other REW blogs.

Show hide the categories

Morgan Carey posted this 2,352 Views

We should be able to show or hide the blog categories in the blogs. By default the categories should be set to show but there should be an option in the category manager to "hide" a category. This being said, these categories and the posts within them still should be spiderable - thus we need to create some sort of sitemapping or archiving system so that search engine spiders and users can still find the category posts.

Unique links per post

Morgan Carey posted this 2,144 Views

We need to have the ability to post unique links on each post made in our blogs - these links should be able to be added during the post, or added later and we need to be able to edit them whenever we want. To add a link, there should be a text field for title, url and description.

SES San Jose

Morgan Carey posted this 2,187 Views

Just met with Terry Light and Jay Griffin - it as really nice to see some of the more mentionables in our little real estate web community out at the worlds premier conference for search engine marketers. For those of you not familiar with the event, SES stands for Search Engine Strategies and the conference in San Jose is the most touted of all SES's - why? Because we get to go party at Googleplex that's why! I got a chance to run some of my new search engine marketing ideas by some of t...


things for Auliya to do - directory

Morgan Carey posted this 2,619 Views

I need to remember to give Auliya the user and pass of the admin for the REW directory so that she can audit the links - anyone not in complience with the terms of submission will be removed. I really should remember to update that thing with a link check script and some unique content - oh yeah and RSS listings.

RSS Feed for REW bogs

Morgan Carey posted this 2,240 Views

I have to make sure we have RSS feeds available for the REW blogs - i wonder what other cool features for syndication I should pack into this thing.

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