Morgan Carey

Where are my listings photos

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I created a listing, and realized there is no way to upload photos of my listings, this is dumb lol - also, where the heck are my listings displayed once I create them? How will I incorporate them into posts easily (Think snippet)

most recent posts

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Would like to have it so that we can easily display "most recent posts" as an RSS feed or similar feed. This way we could display lets say links and descriptions to the top 5-15 most recent posts from a certain blog, would also like to be able to pull most recent posts from ALL blogs on REW - this would extend once this is available to the public.

make another entry

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one thing that is annoying is that once you create a post, it only shows you "view this blog post" - what it should also show is options to "Edit this entry, or make another entry that sort of thing. Actually perhaps those options should not include edit this entry, instead "View live post" and 'Make another entry" should be displayed as options, and then the post you just made could show up right below those options still on the screen after you submit, that way...

Digg, delicious etc

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Each post should have an automatic link to DIGG, Delicious and other blogging communities so that people can save their favorite blog articles. As much exposure for the blogs as we can come up the is the issue of the post, lets get it going.

open a new window for cities

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We should make it so that if someone clicks on the link for a city, that city page is opened in a new window, this is make is so that if a user leaves the site via a listing or adsense, they will still have where they came from open in the background to easily search other listings.

Editing main site links

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Right now the only options are adding and deleted links from the main nav, we need to be able to edit them as well.

REW Directory Planning

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I am starting to work on a revamp of and one of the things we are working on is the display data for the individual listings for realtors on both the sponsored and non sponsored levels. I was thinking we should display the agent / broker / or listings offices address so that it shows up on Google maps, perhaps even display a Google map with a tab for details and contact.

Basic custom MLS / IDX

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A lot of people want to know the difference between our basic custom IDX and a more advanced (More expensive) IDX solution. Here is a quick breakdown of the basic. Search Page: allows users to choose bedrooms, baths, sq foot, min / max price, area, property type, you know the basics that all main search pages have. Listings Page:  This is a list of properties "basic" view which shows a thumbnail of the property and some basic info: Price, Area, Beds, Bath and then a "Vi...