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Connect Create videos - beginning, middle and soon to end

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Ok guys, here is the first video I shot at the beginning of the contest - bit of a rough start, but note the enthusiasm :) Next a video from day 2 - we have been coding for 12 hours straight at this point - note the shakes from all the coffee and lack of nutrients. Can't wait to see the last video. Oh and one bonus video - aptly titled "Trulia is the devil!"

REW Lead management 2.5 official release & promo

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This promotion has expired - thank you to everyone for all of their orders - until next time. We here at Real Estate Webmasters are pleased to announce the release of our brand new, fresh out of beta lead management 2.5 enhanced upgrade package. To celebrate this new launch we are also offering some amazing deals on our most popular website products, upgrades and yes even custom hours! REW Lead Manager (Enhanced) This new lead management system includes several enhancements including a...

REW Lead Manager 2.5 Enhanced Pre-release

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Important Update! Custom programming hours have been added at a discount of 25% off The custom programming hours need to be purchased in blocks of 5 and can only be purchased if you are purchasing a 2.5 upgrade. Begin original post: Greetings REW customers (especially those attending the summit this year) - as many of you know, we have completed our CMS 2.5 enhanced lead management system and it is scheduled to be available July 30th, 31st. I realize however that many folks that ar...

Inman Connect Create Hackathon - REW Enters Developers Challenge

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For those of you attending the Inman Connect SF 2009 conference or just like reading about Real Estate Webmaster antics here is some news for you. We (technically myself, Michael and Phil) have entered the Inman Connect Create Hackathon (or developers challenge) down in San Fransisco the first week of August. What is the Connect Create? It's a contest where small groups of developers compete (on site) to develop their most creative / useful / killer real estate related app. You can pla...

No Bing Ads for REW - Microsoft loses our business

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You know, I really thought it would be interesting to test out microsofts ad center what with all the hype surrounding the BING search engine - but woulnd't you know it - I can't get the damned interface to work. Now I might not be a certified genious, but I gotta tell ya, I certainly am not an idiot either. I have sat here for 20 mins trying to get the Microsoft Adcenter to accept my corporate credit card (and yes I know my address, and YES I CHECKED THE NUMBER) It's no wonder Microsoft...

FMLS Image Theft Notice - ListingWare Scraping Images from REW Servers

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We have had several calls today from FMLS (Atlanta) subscribers complaining that their IDX through a company called "listingware" is showing an "image theft alert" image instead of the FMLS pictures. First off all let me say that Real Estate Webmasters has absolutely nothing to do with Listing Ware, they are for all intents and purposes a competitor. Next let me say that Real Estate Webmasters did NOT put those images up on your IDX or your website. We do not have acc...

REW promo - Selling out the new guys

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This promotion is now closed!!! We have 4 new programmers for this summer (all of which completed their practicum through VIU with us in the spring) and  they are chomping at the bit to challenge themselves on the REW production line. So I figure the easiest way to keep the new kids busy is to run a promo! So here's the deal - IF you are willing to have us hand your project over to one of the new guys (they will naturally take longer to get it done than a seasoned programmer) and if...

An appeal to MIBOR - Indianapolis board of Realtors

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I just posted this as a comment on the NAR blog, but I thought that it probably deserved it's own post as it really should be directed at MIBOR and not NAR - basically we all know the change to the IDX verbiage will be passed it's just a matter of due dilligence (can't blame NAR for that I suppose) but it's also going to take time - all the while, we are stuck without indexable pages until this ruling passes (we being Paula Henry / Mike Taylor of and myself - yes, ...

Cliff Niersbach NAR response to Google spidering listings in Mibor

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Many of you read over at Agent Genius about how MIBOR (The local board of Realtors in Indianapolis) has demanded that all IDX vendors stop Google and other search engines from spidering any page of a Realtors website that has IDX listings or any part of the data referencing listings (such as property descriptions, MLS #'s or addresses) - this is with the exception of just the agents own listings of course. Naturally as one of the largest custom IDX vendor in the world we are more than conc...