Annoying comment queue issue


Right now when someone posts a comment and they are not an REW blog member that comment is put into a queue and we have to manually accept deny or edit each comment. When you get a lot of comments, especially if they are spam, this can be annoying.

What do we need to do? Have a checkbox system so you can go through and check all your accepts, all your deny's or accept or delete all. Basic stuff.

Michael, lets work on this for next week


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REW Michael

I've added checkbox deny/approve to the comment queue.

Morgan Carey

That is great, but how about a select all feature for that as well - that way if you get a lot of spam, all you have to do is go in and check JUST the approve ones (There are usually fewer) and hit approve. Once you have done this, you know the other hundred are garbage and can hit the select all and delete button without having to click the checkbox for each one :)

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