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12 Days of Xmas Promo – Biggest REW promotion of the year!

Morgan Carey posted this 95 7,511 Views

It's that time again – Real Estate Webmasters's biggest promotion of the year! We have our best deals during this promotion and we also announce new & exciting features. We have the new LEC 2014 on pre-sale (with a sneak peak), a new API to announce and some great upcoming partnerships to help all REW users take their game to the next level. Keep reading to find out all about it – and if you have questions, please ask me in the comments section, I would love to give you any i...

Website trade in and LEC 6 pre sale

Morgan Carey posted this 53 7,316 Views

Many customers have been asking when I am going to be launching LEC (Limited Edition Custom) version 6 and if they can pre-purchase it and lock up the exclusive for thier markets. The answer is I began development this week - and I am planning for a maximum of 3 months total development time. I leaked this information to my sales people on Tuesday, and several markets / LEC 6's have already been snapped up, even before I made the official announcement. Just like all the LEC's this product is...

REW IDX 3.0 has arrived - Testing the new MLS search from Real Estate Webmasters

Morgan Carey posted this 158 13,419 Views

I truly appreciate all the interest in the new REW IDX product and those offering to test and give feedback on the solution. This post will serve as a place for discussion surrounding the request and acquisition of an REW IDX testing account . Don't know what I am talking about? REW IDX? Seriously! Real Estate Webmasters is entering the low cost IDX space with our very first iframeable (low cost) IDX product for mass consumption - click the view the new REW IDX  - it will start at...

REW IDX map search preview (new features for a new iframe solution)

Morgan Carey posted this 62 6,171 Views

Now that we are sold out for 2009 it allows us time to finish off our latest product - the REW IDX Iframed Solution. I for one am personally (and hugely) excited about this new product. The industry is screaming for a new (and better) iframable IDX solution at an affordable price. Come January 2010, your new solution will have arrived. New map features Polygonal parameter searches (with drawing tool) Spherical (dragable / resizable) radius searches IDX custom searc...

Inman Connect Create Hackathon - REW Enters Developers Challenge

Morgan Carey posted this 9 3,377 Views

For those of you attending the Inman Connect SF 2009 conference or just like reading about Real Estate Webmaster antics here is some news for you. We (technically myself, Michael and Phil) have entered the Inman Connect Create Hackathon (or developers challenge) down in San Fransisco the first week of August. What is the Connect Create? It's a contest where small groups of developers compete (on site) to develop their most creative / useful / killer real estate related app. You can ...

An appeal to MIBOR - Indianapolis board of Realtors

Morgan Carey posted this 5 6,980 Views

I just posted this as a comment on the NAR blog, but I thought that it probably deserved it's own post as it really should be directed at MIBOR and not NAR - basically we all know the change to the IDX verbiage will be passed it's just a matter of due dilligence (can't blame NAR for that I suppose) but it's also going to take time - all the while, we are stuck without indexable pages until this ruling passes (we being Paula Henry / Mike Taylor of http://www.reddoorindy.com and myself - yes, ...

5th Birthday Celebration Real Estate Webmasters customer appreciation promo

Morgan Carey posted this 171 6,423 Views

THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED Real Estate Webmasters turns 5 years old today! (April 9th 2009) I keep sitting down to write a super long post all teary eyed about how awesome our members and customers have been over the last 5 years but honestly I am going to run out of birthday before I'm done - so I have decided to save that post for another day and just keep our Real Estate Webmasters 5th birthday promo post short and sweet - THANK YOU! To all of our members, to all of our st...

Exit Realty Florida Website Winners - congratulations!!

Morgan Carey posted this 3 3,131 Views

A big thank you goes out to Colleen Forbes and the entire Exit Realty Florida crew for having us be the exlusive website vendors at at your recent Orlando event. Carrie and I had a great time meeting you all, and we look forward to servicing you now and in the future. Exit Template website winner For those Exit folks that missed the draw at the luncheon for the REW Exit template website - the winner was Montie Lipsey-Lee of Exit Realty Producers, Gainesville, Florida. Montie - we hope ...

My Next LEC project - behind the scenes of the next Limited Edition Custom

Morgan Carey posted this 87 5,588 Views

It's official - The limited edition custom program is a resounding success. Due to some creative marketing and some timely promo's I have sold so many LEC 2.0's that we are running out of major market areas and I really need to step up production of the next round of LEC's (There are a couple in development including a special "support Marc Rasmussen" LEC which I will finish as soon as I get a new data feed for it *cough Marc cough* Anyways - as many of you remember, I did th...