New design issues


(PHIL DO NOT CHANGE THE BLOG DESIGN I LIKE IT, just look at the specifics I am posting here) 

I really don't like the contact links all over the place on comments - check out this post (Look at the comments)

The comments section looks like crap because it has a link to my blog, a link to contact me, my name (Also a link) and then my pic.

What I would rather this looked like was my picture (I really like this element and want to keep it, perhaps with my name directly under the pic as a hyperlink to my blog (Link to blog important) - and find a way to make a better use of that space.

Now onto - once again a really poor use of space, I like that their pics are there, and perhaps a link underneath with their name linking to their blog, but really we could maximize that space quite a bit more, even have 3 or 4 colums of blog users instead of just one long list. (This list should also show most active or highest rated posters first. (Actually scratch that, it should show in order of most recent post. That way users always get the freshest content

Navigation and user pages section - these can be combined, the "home" link is redundant as it goes to the blogs mainpage, and we already have a big blue home button at the top left - so why not just have "Navigation" and in this div, we would have the "users blog" link to the mainpage of the blog, and then any user pages created, followed by thier listings (Which will only show if they have added listings)

Edit and delete icons - I HATE THESE! Right now they are just little tiny non descript red and green buttons, I want these to be much bigger, and read "Edit" (Put this on the left side) and "Delete" on the right. We could slightly shade them green and red for color association, but it would be much better. (Remember these only show when you are logged in, and only on the users blog so this is a logged in specific requirement)

New icons for social networking sites such as FURL, RSS and REDIT - ours are very small, and again not very clear - I think we are thinking to much of the design and not as much about the usibility here.


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Morgan Carey

Are you working on it right now ya buggar! :)

Morgan Carey

You think so? Yeah you are probably right, the comment area is looking tighter, but the pics being all distorted is something we need to work on, we want high quality clear pics, any thoughts? Same goes for top right pics for member pics

Morgan Carey

Edit your own comments, hmmmm we should allow it, but only for 24 hours kind of like vbulletin

Wayne Long

I noticed my caricature at the top right looked good but during one of the modifications to the blog (which I mostly have liked) the personal info seemed to push in and distort the picture. Do I need to resize and reload the pic?

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