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Realtor Issues

12 Days of Xmas Promo – Biggest REW promotion of the year!

Morgan Carey posted this 95 7,859 Views

It's that time again – Real Estate Webmasters's biggest promotion of the year! We have our best deals during this promotion and we also announce new & exciting features. We have the new LEC 2014 on pre-sale (with a sneak peak), a new API to announce and some great upcoming partnerships to help all REW users take their game to the next level. Keep reading to find out all about it – and if you have questions, please ask me in the comments section, I would love to give you any i...

Google Maps Version 2 Cancellation Questions

Morgan Carey posted this 121 4,635 Views

Please use the comments section of this blog post to ask questions and seek answers regarding Google's decision to cancel version 2 maps as of May 19th, 2013. The problem:Version 2 Google Maps is going to be cancelled as of May 19th, 2013What this could mean:  This could mean that any older websites using version 2 Google mapping could see any part of their website that uses Google maps cease functioning and / or potentially show an error message. We say "could" because we cannot...

Website trade in and LEC 6 pre sale

Morgan Carey posted this 53 7,410 Views

Many customers have been asking when I am going to be launching LEC (Limited Edition Custom) version 6 and if they can pre-purchase it and lock up the exclusive for thier markets. The answer is I began development this week - and I am planning for a maximum of 3 months total development time. I leaked this information to my sales people on Tuesday, and several markets / LEC 6's have already been snapped up, even before I made the official announcement. Just like all the LEC's this product is...

Inman Connect Create Hackathon - REW Enters Developers Challenge

Morgan Carey posted this 9 3,432 Views

For those of you attending the Inman Connect SF 2009 conference or just like reading about Real Estate Webmaster antics here is some news for you. We (technically myself, Michael and Phil) have entered the Inman Connect Create Hackathon (or developers challenge) down in San Fransisco the first week of August. What is the Connect Create? It's a contest where small groups of developers compete (on site) to develop their most creative / useful / killer real estate related app. You can ...

5th Birthday Celebration Real Estate Webmasters customer appreciation promo

Morgan Carey posted this 171 6,639 Views

THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED Real Estate Webmasters turns 5 years old today! (April 9th 2009) I keep sitting down to write a super long post all teary eyed about how awesome our members and customers have been over the last 5 years but honestly I am going to run out of birthday before I'm done - so I have decided to save that post for another day and just keep our Real Estate Webmasters 5th birthday promo post short and sweet - THANK YOU! To all of our members, to all of our st...

Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate

Morgan Carey posted this 26 8,439 Views

Ok this just made me laugh. I was over at AR (for whatever reason I have no idea, it's not like I ever post there anymore) and there was yet another feature post "promoting active rain" - imagine that - kiss active rains ass to get on the homepage - wish I was a rainmaker. In the article the poster writes: "Ok I'll tell you a better reason to join Active Rain...  Active Rain gives you the power to advertise yourself anywhere on the internet.  The expo...

A Realtors web marketing budget what should it be?...

Morgan Carey posted this 10 4,692 Views

How much can each unique visitor cost me? And a bunch of other questions I might want to know if I was a Realtor Ok guys, this is a bit of a long one and it jumps around a lot (because I am writing as I work through my thoughts, but hey that's why we have blogs right? I really found it interesting once I got into writing it and I hope that you will as well. Check it out and give me comments, as I have really been thinking about this a lot lately and I think a lot of others have been as...

Blogs and Forums Breaking Laws - Realtor in a forum or blog nickname

Morgan Carey posted this 20 4,380 Views

As many of you know (And those that don't really should) the term "Realtor®" is a registered membership mark belonging to all members of the National Association Of Realtors. As a membership mark, it is used to identify a member as belonging to the NAR and has very specific rules in terms of how it can be used on the web - (In domain names, email addresses etc) What many of you don't know (And until I had a chat with the NAR's trademark administrator a few weeks ago neither ...

Use of Realtor in domain names

Morgan Carey posted this 3,878 Views

For those members looking for more information about the use of the member mark REALTOR in their domain name please read the following article: First what is a member mark? A membership mark is much like a "Trademark" however it differs in the sense that a group or affiliation holds said trademark as opposed to an individual or corporation. The term "REALTOR" (Also displayed below) is a membership mark held by the "National Association of Realtors NAR