10-Day Short Sale Approval, $900,000 Price Reduction and $96,000 Commission posted this 177 Views

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Melville, New York - 10-Day Short Sale Approval, $900,000 Price Reduction and $96,000 Commission. Today, April 12, 2012,, New York’s largest and most successful short sale negotiations company announced a record-breaking 10-day approval and $900,000 price reduction on a $2.5 million dollar property in Glen Cove. Carol Cotton, the listing agent with Daniel Gale Sotheby’s, Locust Valley office, said, “I had a fabulous experience working wit...

Do You Qualify to Short Sale? posted this 194 Views

As we like to strongly emphasize at, lenders are offering large incentives to homeowners to short sale. Lenders are able to retrieve more money than a foreclosure, and faster, so they are inclined to provide the homeowner a particular amount in return for making their lives a bit easier. However, what some homeowners may not realize (but are quickly aware of in the process) is that lenders are not allowing a short sale for just any homeowner who owes more on their home than i...

The Benefits of a Short Sale posted this 1 442 Views

Very often in real estate, short sales get a bad reputation for being cumbersome, lengthy processes that should be avoided at all costs. The benefits may not be explicit for the homeowner, but there are many, especially compared to foreclosure. Here is a list of five of the benefits of a short sale: - You will not damage your credit as badly- Plain and simple, you are underwater on your home payments. With a foreclosure, your credit is drastically affected and you cannot think of moving...

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