5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying on Marco Island


Whether you are searching for your first Marco Island home as a newly married couple, ‘flying the nest’ for the first time, or a veteran having bought and sold many times, there are certain details to be considered. Shopping for a home is not like buying a car or the groceries, and there are pitfalls to be avoided.

Even if you think the first house you see is your dream house, do not jump into handing over your deposit. Look at the area the property is in, is it desirable, does it have amenities close by, shops, schools, and parks and is it in a reasonable distance from your work. If you are purchasing a home to retire to these points may not be valid, but if you are hoping to re-sell at a future date, they are important. A young couple hoping to start a family will need to think about whether it is a nice area to raise children, check out the parks and playgrounds.

If transportation is an issue, it is important to have schools and shops within walking distance. Marco Island property is pretty much convenient to everything just because the island is so small. Still, make sure your chosen location will be suitable for your lifestyle. Never look at just one property; you may regret it if you see another later you would have preferred. Choose an experienced agent with a useful website and make sure you see all of your options.

Home inspections are important these days. Make sure the home you're buying doesn't have any latent defects that may cost you money in the future. This is very important if you intend to buy an older property.

While you are looking around prospective homes, think about the re-sale value. You may be buying with investment in mind and if you consider how others will see the property. Is there room for expansion, are there fitted wardrobes, and is the garden suitable for growing children or pets. Ensure that any loan with a bank or mortgage company is in place before you hand over your deposit.

Make sure to check all the paperwork before signing anything. It may be too late to dispute some aspects of the deal once you have put your name to paper. Ask for a copy of the documents and take them home to peruse. Check that your names have been typed correctly and that all clauses have been agreed between you and vendors, and there is nothing in the contract regarding what you are not cognizant of or do not understand.


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