Wireless Smoke Detectors for older homes- Chelan Home Inspection


Wireless Smoke Detectors for older homes- Chelan Home Inspection


Since 1989 smoke detectors in homes were required to be interconnected through hard-wiring of the smoke detectors. This mean one detector goes into alarm all the other smoke detectors will alarm also.

For older homes we have relied on individual battery operated some detectors to provide coverage of the home.

But some new products now available can give you the additional safety of the interconnected smoke detectors. These are wireless smoke detectors. They are available in both battery and hard-wired with battery back-up.

(Wireless interconnected smoke detector- Battery version)
(Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector – Hardwire version)


The hardwire version can take advantage of existing wiring in the home yet communicate wirelessly with the other smoke detectors. Now you do not need to have a wire running between each individual smoke detector which usually required an electrician to install.

Remember about 65 percent of home fire deaths happen in homes that either have no smoke detector or the smoke detector has been disabled.

If your smoke detector is 10 years old or more it needs to be replaced. Smoke detectors should be placed in every bedroom and outside of every sleeping area and on every level of the home. (Smoke alarms- Why, When and Where from the CPSC)

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