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This weekend several things happened to bring the issue of agents utilizing professional quality photos on there Palm Beach County listings.

First, I have been busy most of the weekend implementing the new custom IDX that provides the best display of property for prospective buyers that come and visit my website.  I am investing the time to create may of the Jupiter Golf Course, Jupiter Waterfront, and Jupiter Oceanfront communities listings by sub-division and pages that help people identify which communities provide these major draws to our community.

As i was adding the pages and testing the display of some of my favorite communities (note: these are some of the most expensive properties in Jupiter) I was dismayed to see how many listings did not even have a photo.  For example, see the second listing in Jupiter Ocean Grande - price $1,575,000 -

Example two - Jupiter's premier Yachting and Golf Community - Admirals Cove - this $4,650,000 property also is without a photo...

how not to market your Jupiter Home for sale

When I started adding the surrounding communities it only got worse.  On my Tequesta Real Estate page, two of the 15 most expensive properties did not have a photo.

The great news came last evening when a lady called me about listing her $1,000,000 plus property.  She liked our website and wanted to find an agent that would actively promote her property.  When I called my colleague to do some research on the listing, suprise, suprise, suprise - No Photo. 

Let's see now - Marketing Real Estate to get results for our sellers -

#1 market segment - Realtors - so we look on the MLS, no photos => typical result no showings with so many other properties on the market to choose from.

#2 market segment - Internet - so we look at Realtor.com and hundreds of agents websites that display listing information from the MLS - again no photos - no suprise no calls.

Well - I am looking forward to the new IDX,  I will probably work on pursuing the creation of more awareness in the Jupiter and Palm Beach County market on the importance of having professional quality photos to market property.

Thanks for reading,

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David Abernathy
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after making the post above, I spent some more time looking at the most expensive listings in Palm Beach County - from Boca Raton to Jupiter Island community by community - I found that several of the top priced listings did not take the time to include photos with their listings. how disappointing!

Brian Mc

That is shameful, but makes for an easy expired call. :D

Dennis Pease

I have sold numerous listings because of the pictures. I have actually had buyers tell me that is what attracted them to certain properties. Our MLS now allows 16 pictures and I still see many with one or two pictures. I always tell people that Realtors® are not all created equal. It just makes your job easier David :)

Alain Nisam

David, I totally agree regarding the photos... My company provides IDX solutions in about 80 MLSs nation-wide and we allow additional NON-MLS photos (as well as content) to be added to listings (when permited by MLS). Not sure who your "new IDX" is through, but you may want to contact me...

Justin Havre

Professional photography is a must in my mind. If it is a $200k listing or a $1m+ they should all have great photography to capture the attention and interest of the potential buyers. Our board makes it mandatory to have at least one image or they can fine you. No photos at all is just a waste of everyone's time.

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