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Was it buyers remorse?

I have interviewed a number of buyer customers lately who have told a similar story. They had already talked to another agent or company or had allowed them to show a property but decided not to sign a buyer's agency agreement for a very similar reason. They stated that the agent just pushed the Buyer's contract at them and told them to sign it. I understand that each state has different agency laws but one detail overshadows all this. I would recommend that all agents sit down and read their States Buyer's Agency Agreement information and understand it in full detail even if you have to ask your Broker for assistance. Understand that most buyers are interested in how you will receive compensation or commissions and learn how to explain it fluidly in full detail. If you struggle with this you may be sending good qualified buyers to an agent who can explain Buyer's Agency and put them at ease. As Real Estate Professionals we should demonstrate nothing less than excellence! We owe it to our Clients, to the Real Estate industry and ourselves if we want to make a great living in Real Estate!

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