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This page provides a list of blog entries I have made about issues impacting real estate in Rocklin, California. If you are interested in viewing Rocklin homes for sale, please click Rocklin Real Estate to go to our listing website.

The 3 Best Golf Course Communities in Placer County, CA

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Placer County, CA is home to numerous wonderful and beautiful neighborhoods and communities. Some of the most popular and sought after communities are those built around and within country club and golf course settings. Having had numerous clients purchase and sell homes in these communities over the years, I have become quite familiar with them and learned to truly appreciate them. There are many great golf communities in the area, but these are my three favorite: Winchester - Meado...

We Have Chosen Your Offer, Now Lower It Before the Bank Sees It

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One of our clients has been searching for a home in the Rocklin, CA for a few months.As with many buyers looking in the area, they have found a few homes they liked and missed out on them due to multiple offers, sometimes as many as 10 to 15 on one home. Initially they had a hard time believing that it was necessary to bid well over the asking price to get an acceptance, but with each subsequent offer lost they realized they needed to be more aggressive. Finally they made a bid on a short sa...

How to Fix the Market? Speed up Foreclosures

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CNN Money posted an article yesterday proposing that what is needed to save the housing market is an acceleration of the foreclosure process, rather than the continued effort to slow it down. It was refreshing to see this idea presented in the mainstream media. I continually hear the point made that we need to stem the tide of foreclosures and help underwater homeowners stay in homes in order to save the housing market. While this policy sounds compassionate and seems like a good idea,...

Huge Increase in Short Sale Pending Sales not Leading to Increase in Closings

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I keep a pretty close eye on local real estate statistics here in Placer County, California. While doing my monthly statistics reports over the past few months, I have noticed a very interesting trend. Since the the start of 2011 we have seen the number of short sale homes pending sale increase each month by a large margin, while sales of short sale properties have remained relatively flat and in many cases down compared to a year ago. I first noticed this when analyzing Placer County ...

" If the Buyer Walks, That's on Them"

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I am currently representing a client in the purchase of a short sale home in Rocklin, Ca. My clients initially lost out on the home months ago during a multi-offer negotiation. I stayed in contact with the listing agent over the next few months to let him know that my clients were still interested, should the original buyer decide to walk. The original buyer did end up losing patience with the process and decided to walk. Lucky for us, they lost patience just before the seller receiv...

Recent Changes in Fannie Mae Cash Out Refinance Rules Should Spur Cash Investment in Rocklin Homes

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Inman News has reported that Fannie Mae has now changed their long standing rule that properties purchased via cash must wait a minimum of 6 months before refinancing and taking the cash back out. The new rule allows for investors to purchase properties via cash and then almost immediately refinance the property and pull out as much as 65-70% of the original investment. This in theory should allow investors to use cash to gain an advantage during negotiations and multi-offer scenarios wh...