Short Sale Help in South Florida


For information on short sale help in South Florida, go here.

If you are facing foreclosure in south Florida, there are some programs that may help you get a fresh start. You may be eligible for HAFA – the Foreclosure Alternative government program- that provides:

- $3,000 relocation assistance

- Permission to sell your house for less than you owe

- Release from all mortgage debt, including any deficiencies

- A streamlined short sale process

- No out-of-pocket expenses

This is a chance to get some money and get out of this foreclosure problem with the least possible consequences. If you let the bank foreclosure, you could end up with a deficiency judgment. That would wreck your credit for 10 or more years unless you pay it. The bank could also come after you for it and maybe garnish your wages or bank account at some stage in the future. You could even be evicted.

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