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Trying to compete against the some of the SEO veterans that are dominating this contest is really humbling, and also a great learning experience. The contest provides a living laboratory for what works and what doesn't when it comes to SEO. Right now, at least on Google, my site falls into the category of what doesn't work :( This is dissappointing, but it offers some great lessons, even though the limited time frame required by the contest does make some aspects of the experiment unrealistic.

I don't know why my first contest entry to the greatest real estate agent in the world contest has fallen on hard times, but I think it tripped a Google filter. I am guessing that this is one of the filters related to gaining too many links in too short a span of time.The result is that my newly created blog, the Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World blog, has disappeared from Google's index. Hopefully this is only a temporary thing, but in case it's not, I am creating this page as an alternate contest entry.

This setback is a great example of the challenges of developing a new domain or subdomain. Even though the site I created is a subdomain of, which is one of the top Authority sites on the Internet, it still seems to have tripped a Google filter. Additionally, in this case, none of the links to the site came from particularly spammy sources such as web directories; they were all from REW blog posts, forum posts, and comments made on other contestants entries.

In light of that, I am hoping to test a theory with this post, which is whether this page is less prone to being filtered because this blog post is a page on as opposed to a new subdomain at If that is what's holding my blog back, then I may be better off trying to compete with an REW hosted blog post, like this one, then on a wordpress subdomain. Of course, at this point in the contest, the competition is so stiff that I am more focused on learning what I can from the results than actually winning the contest.

Another theory that I have been wondering about, is whether pages that have lengthier content and a greater number of words have a tendency to get higher rankings? Thus, I've created a list of 36 qualities (and counting) that the greatest real estate agent in the world should possess, in no particular order:

1) Love real estate like no other.

2) Be an oustanding member of the communty.

3) Serve their clients with the greatest customer service imaginable.

4) Hold their duties of agency with the highest regard.

5) Always be honest.

6) Act with integrity, and alway be true to their word.

7) Communicate skillfully and effectively.

8) Ease the stress of those around them.

9) Amazing negotiator, yet done in such a way that all parties are satisfied.

10) Knows everything there is to know about mortgages.

11) Not afraid to to kill a deal or advise against a purchase when it is not in peoples best interest.

12) Brilliant marketing skills.

13) Love showing homes.

14) Vast knowledge of architectural styles and history.

15) Hires the best home inspectors.

16) Guru of neighborhood information.

17) Provides guidance on all aspects of homeownership.

18) Credit score and repair expert.

19) Is the life of the party.

20) Shows homes every weekend, and still has time to pickup the kids.

21) Holds every credential and certificate known to Realtors.

22) Has an encyclopedic knowledge of neighborhood demographics.

23) Develops lifetime client relationships.

24) Masterful at staging and interior design.

25) Great team player.

26) Provide clients the security of working with an experienced professional.

27) Understands real estate law better than the lawyers do.

28) Calm like the rock of Gibraltar.

29) Has a smile that makes the Mona Lisa jealous.

30) Dreams of solutions to the world real estate problems.

31) Answers all phone calls and e-mails personally.

32) Never lets commissions get in the way of client satisfaction.

33) Knows peoples real estate desires better than they know themselves.

34) Mastered the art of convincing clients to do what is in their own best interest.

35) Has the right vehicle for every real estate occasion.

36) Can map an address better than Google, Yahoo, or Mapquest.

Update 4/30/08: In honor of Eric Blackwell who has been the contestant to watch for some time now.

37) Gifted at the art of networking.

38) Supports charitable organizations.

That's why he gets my vote for the greatest real estate agent in the world contest.

Milan Cole is the technology manager at JMA Properties. We help people buy and sell Portland Real Estate and our website has some of the most advanced tools available to search Portland Homes For Sale.


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Portland Real Estate

Hmmm, well I can't be sure... but one test that I've heard of doing, is to search for just the domain name in google, and if that doesn't come up, then it's supposed to be a sign that your site may be filtered. However, the site is back today, so maybe it was just Google updating.

Portland Real Estate

Actually the .org site is Mike Brown's entry, but I very much appreciate the feedback and ideas.

Portland Real Estate

Well, it's looking like my theory may be correct... this post has appeared in the rankings at #15. We'll see how long it lasts...

Portland Real Estate

And the answer is... not very long. I'm beginning to wonder of my momentary successes are related to the phenomena of fresh news being temporarily ranked highly and then rapidly declining after a day or two.

Eric Blackwell

Hey Milan; It'll fluctuate a lot as Knox said...BTW- he's a great guy..whatever tips you got from him are worth reading...twice IMO. Pick one that you want to campaign with and post it and let's see if we cannot offer some assistance...I truly admire ANYONE who is in this competition. Takes guts to get in with this crowd...BTW--you can expect that several of the competitors are really gonna give TeamEric a serious test towards the end...count on it. (grin) Best; Eric


New pages will flux in and out while building traction. Sent you an email with a couple tips for your .org site.


lol - Yeah, my oops - I realized that and AFTER - well, we all trip here and there right? You all confuse me when i read in the middel of the night. Uhhhh, maybe you could pass it on then lol - anyway good luck:) k

Portland Real Estate

Eric, thanks for the advice... and yes I look forward to the final weeks to see what kind of stunts people pull and the backroom wheeling and dealing. I'll review knox's notes and let you know what I come up with next.


Thanks for the nice comment, Eric.

Portland Real Estate

Well, with less than 24 hours to go, this post actually made it back into the top 20.

Spoken Gently

I'm not too sure you tripped a filter. I have pages that I rank for that simple 'disappear' from time to time. ;)

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