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Couple Sues Realtor over Double Murder House

RachelVanderveen posted this 2 895 Views

I was browsing some articles over the inter-web and stumbled across an article from the Toronto Sun. Essentially what happened was that a couple from Ontario purchased a house where a gruesome double murder had taken place 15 years prior. I won’t go into the awfulness too much, but it involved a child and multiple stabbings. The sellers of the property purchased it after the murder had taken place, lived in it for a few years, and then listed it for sale without disclosing the home’s s...

The Upper Hand

RachelVanderveen posted this 1 590 Views

For all of my hopes and dreams of being kind, considerate, and fair with other agents, today I decided that there is a small group of agents where common courtesy, and mutual respect unfortunately does not work. These are the types who are just infinitely aggressive and confrontational despite your best efforts to be firm and professional. I literally just came up with this today, so give me some feedback if you think I’m off base. I’ve been working with an agent who is just purely c...

Top 10 Most Annoying Things Other Real Estate Agents Do

RachelVanderveen posted this 5 1,724 Views

10) Not confirm showing requests within an hour. 9) Put Misleading things on listings like entering $300/month for the condo fee, but then writing “Seller agrees to pay half of the condo fees for one year” in the private agent’s comments. (Meaning that the monthly condo fee is actually $600/month.) 8) Not educate their clients about the absolute need to show the property every single time it is requested, and thusly decline requests based on their client’s dinner plans. (Or because...

New Movie Theatre Near Auburn Bay, Cranston & Mahogany!

RachelVanderveen posted this 974 Views

This could possibly be the most exciting thing I have heard all day! Cineplex is building a movie theatre in Seton! Right by our house! So for those of you movie lovers who have been looking for a movie theatre near McKenzie Towne, New Brighton, Copperfield, Auburn Bay, Cranston, or Mahogany your agonizing wait is over! I was one of those poor fools who was suckered into believing that the Lowe’s that just went up at 130th was going to be a theatre, until they started construction and ...

Calgary New Home Builders: Why They Hate Us

RachelVanderveen posted this 1,226 Views

For years and years, I have walked into showhomes, identified myself as an agent, and then endured a not-so-subtle stink eye from the sales staff until I left the building. I have never known why they hate us so much. I mean, I’ve had a few good ideas, but nothing definitive. However, 2 days ago I happened to walk into a showhome while doing research for a client and chanced to meet one of the loveliest ladies I have encountered in a while. We ended up warming up quite quickly, and so ...

10 VALID Reasons to Decline a Showing

RachelVanderveen posted this 4 1,542 Views

So I tried to book a showing about 2 days ago and I was declined by the seller. The reason? It’s Stampede week. That’s what I was told. By the agent. This is just so far beyond the realm of ludicrous, that I have decided to post a reference here for sellers (and their agents) of the only 10  valid reasons to decline a showing when your home is listed for sale. 1)      An immediate family member is dead or is the process of dying. 2)      Part of the home has been lost through a ...

House for Sale. Pitbull NOT Included

RachelVanderveen posted this 10 2,059 Views

So, I drive up to a showing yesterday, and there is a PITBULL standing on the front porch. He is tied up, but he’s on a 15 foot leash. I instantly flipped out, and refused to show the property. I apologized to my clients (one of whom is vastly pregnant) and was ready to get back in the vehicle, when one of my buyers decided to pull the leash and secure the dog so we could all enter. (I still did not want to show the property, but the buyer wanted to see it, so as long as he was able to...

Touchbase and Shag Carpets

RachelVanderveen posted this 895 Views

Yesterday, I Touchbased out a request for a showing, and I had to call the agent back a few hours later to get the confirmation because he didn’t respond to the Touchbase. The agent who held the listing was upset that I even dared to use Touchbase, and proceeded to dive into a long diatribe about why agents just can’t call each other anymore. “Why all this texting and Touchbasing?” He said. Poor guy is fighting an uphill battle all on his own. There is a resistance to technology ...

How to Stop the Zombie Spider Apocalypse

RachelVanderveen posted this 2 1,510 Views

I hate spiders. I really do. It’s amazing to Clint that something that is a fraction of my size can cause me to jump up onto furniture, and try to climb walls just to escape even the idea of a spider. Small, big, I don’t care. They’re all evil little creatures bent on world domination, in my estimation, and I don’t want anything to do with them. Last year we started seeing big, ugly, awful, man-eating spiders in our windows in our humble little abode in Auburn Bay. After I calmed d...

The Clients Who Made Me Cry

RachelVanderveen posted this 3 985 Views

Clint and I often think back on the only clients who ever made me cry. Not at home in private, like right in front of their faces out of sheer exasperation. I feel it is only fair to note that I was hugely pregnant at the time. It was a couple. Looking for a revenue property. We stumbled upon a foreclosure that they liked, and they just could not understand the deal with how Calgary banks tend to deal with chattels on their foreclosure listings. Admittedly, the chattel aspect of ...