10 VALID Reasons to Decline a Showing


So I tried to book a showing about 2 days ago and I was declined by the seller. The reason? It’s Stampede week. That’s what I was told. By the agent. This is just so far beyond the realm of ludicrous, that I have decided to post a reference here for sellers (and their agents) of the only 10 valid reasons to decline a showing when your home is listed for sale.

1) An immediate family member is dead or is the process of dying.

2) Part of the home has been lost through a devastating house fire.

3) Christ has come back and raptured his believers up to heaven.

4) Dinosaurs have taken over the earth and shut down all major roadways, and you’re stuck at work. (Please note that if the roadways are not shut down, you still must show the home.)

5) There is a western-style shoot-out occurring on the road in front of the home which is occurring less than 40 paces from your front door. (If it’s more than 40 you still must show).

6) The septic system has exploded all over the basement.

7) The half human alien thingy’s from I am Legend have taken over the city. (Please note that this only prevents night time showings. You must still show through the day when buyers are able to safely evaluate the home without the threat of being dismembered by the mutants.)

8) Spontaneous hydro dental implosion.

9) City-wide communicable disease quarantine.

10) Wildfires 10 meters or less from your front step.

I hope this is helpful!


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Calgarians are pretty hard core about their Stampede. Nice post Rachel!


I know, right? Thanks, Sherri :)

REW Chuck

hilarious Rachel haha.


I agree with you. It's really disappointing when someone declined your show.

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