QR Codes: I’ll Show You Mine, if You Show Me Yours


QR codes seem to be popping up on advertising material everywhere. You can’t pick up a product lately without seeing one of these nifty little things, and it’s left many agents wondering what they are and how to use them. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in QR codes, but I can gladly share with you how Clint and I have used our codes to benefit the Vanderveen Team here in Calgary. Some of these are in the process of being set up and some of them are already in place.

Business Cards

For many people, business cards are becoming more and more cumbersome, and they get lost in briefcases and on dashboards of agents and buyers across our areas. When I receive a business card that I want to keep, I like to enter it into my iPhone right away, so I won’t lose the contact. Having a QR code printed on the back of the card makes that very easy for those of us with smartphones. They can be scanned with a QR code scanning app (more on that later) and your phone should automatically ask you if you would like to save it to your contacts. I like having these on the back of my cards because it gives the other agent or client a full set of information on how to get ahold of me right there on their phone: e-mail, website, office phone, and pager. As an example, you can see our contact code below.

Advertising Material

Any flyers or brochures that we make for specific listings have our website QR code on them, which will take the user to a website that is specifically designed for that listing. Once they arrive at the site via their smartphone, they will see we have a special Mobile IDX website where they can use their phone’s GPS to see other listings around them. Not only do they get the information on the listing that they’ve scanned, but they hopefully will become interested in other areas of our mobile site which will eventually ask them to sign in and register with our site if they want more information. There is no need to change anything about the QR Code if you change something about your listing. The QR code only directs them to a webpage. If you change the price or details of the listing, you need only change the information on your webpage; the QR code stays the same.

Further, if we’re sending out promotional material that is geared only for the Vanderveen Team, this will lead them to our main page at www.vanderveenteam.com. From here, again, they will see that they can use our handy-dandy mobile IDX to search the MLS using their phone’s GPS or a set of criteria which they can enter in. Again, this information will not be available to them unless they register on our site.

For Sale Signs

This is very much the same concept as the individual marketing material made for each listing. It’s the same QR code that we would use for the brochures, and it takes the user to the specific webpage we have designed for that listing. You can make the QR code by getting Avery clear stickers and sticking them to your for sale sign, so that once the listing is sold, you can take it off and make it ready for a new QR code with a new listing.

A person driving by our listing doesn’t need to get out of the car and grab a paper brochure; they need only scan the QR code on the sign and drive away with all the info they need on the listing. I know there are different schools of thought about whether you want to give potential buyers all the info they need without having them call you. I think having a QR code is stronger than having brochures on a for sale sign. The main reason is because it brings that potential buyer to your site where they are required to sign in to get information, whereas with the paper brochure they can take it and run.

How Do I Get a QR Code?

Well, it’s super simple. We use this site to make ours. It’s a QR code generator, and it’s free and very easy to use. There are other options out there, however, and they’re all certainly worth exploring.

How Do I get a QR Code Scanner?

Just cruise the iPhone App store and find one that works for you. If you’re not on iPhone, I can’t say with any degree of authority where you should get one. Y’all have your own app store type deal, right? I would look there.

We’re just beginning to phase in QR codes and we’re happy with the results we’ve seen so far! How do you use QR Codes in your business?


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