The Clients Who Made Me Cry


Clint and I often think back on the only clients who ever made me cry. Not at home in private, like right in front of their faces out of sheer exasperation.

I feel it is only fair to note that I was hugely pregnant at the time.

It was a couple. Looking for a revenue property. We stumbled upon a foreclosure that they liked, and they just could not understand the deal with how Calgary banks tend to deal with chattels on their foreclosure listings. Admittedly, the chattel aspect of buying a foreclosure can be super-confusing (see my blog explanation of foreclosure chattels here), but I felt---and still feel---that I explained it over and over and to the very best of my ability. They just didn’t get it, and they wanted me to personally guarantee the chattels, which I was certainly not willing to do!

We got past the chattel aspect and actually wrote an offer. We submitted it to the bank, which normally requires anywhere from 48-72 hours to get back to potential buyers of their foreclosures. (See my blog on that here). But this time, they didn’t get back to us even four days after we submitted. I phoned the agent representing the bank multiple times daily to find out if there was any progress (bordering on stalking), but there was none. The bank just simply hadn’t gotten to our offer yet. Having been in the listing agent’s position many times before, I knew there was nothing we could do about it but wait. The bank is the bank. You can’t move them with a tractor. They get to things when they get to things. Every day that passed my buyer got increasingly agitated. He often barked orders to me on the phone, and Clint would reach over top of me trying to take the phone out of my hand to give him a piece of his mind. I had to dodge Clint and just hang onto the phone and try to keep things cordial. I think my buyer was feeling insulted that the bank didn’t come back to us, thinking it was a personal slight from the bank to him. I tried everything I could to explain that it was not personal; it’s just how the bank rolls. He was still angry. So, so, so angry.

I met with the buyers on the fifth day (still with no response from the bank) and they blasted me. The guy was even straight up yelling at me! In public! They said it was my fault that the bank wasn’t getting back to them, and that I was lying about having submitted the offer. They accused me of not submitting the offer!!! Why would any agent not submit an offer? An accepted offer means we’ve done our job and we’re going to get paid!

What can you do, right? I burst into tears (and believe me, people, I am not easily given to tears) and said to them that there just wasn’t anything that I could do for them anymore. The tears just flowed despite my trying to stop them from pouring down my face. I asked to be released from my agency obligations with them, and they allowed me to terminate. I’ve never had someone be so angry with me. I literally can’t recall a time that anyone in my life, business or personal, was just so angry with me and not shy to show it. They had just made me feel so small throughout the process, and I was hormonal…

And those were the ones that made me cry.


The bank finally got back to me seven days later, and I told them that the buyers had lost interest in the property.


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LOL! Thanks!


oh, Im sorry for what happened to you.

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