Touchbase and Shag Carpets


Yesterday, I Touchbased out a request for a showing, and I had to call the agent back a few hours later to get the confirmation because he didn’t respond to the Touchbase. The agent who held the listing was upset that I even dared to use Touchbase, and proceeded to dive into a long diatribe about why agents just can’t call each other anymore. “Why all this texting and Touchbasing?” He said.

Poor guy is fighting an uphill battle all on his own.

There is a resistance to technology in the Calgary real estate industry. It’s small, but it’s there. One by one, I think these agents who can’t stand the lack of personal interaction in real estate, are getting iPhones and realizing there is a whole new world out there.

A world that serves our clients better.

The difference in the technological landscape in our industry is totally different even from only five years ago. If you don’t use Touchbase or Call to View, how are you keeping up with showings? We have a market in Calgary that moves lightning quick, even if we’re in a slow market. Sometimes, you’ll get a request for a showing as people are standing outside your property. If you don’t respond right away, you will have most likely lost that showing, and every lost showing is the potential loss of an offer or a multiple offer. Buyer’s attention spans are often as short as my two year old’s. They find what they want on the internet in 20 minutes flat. They call their agent in five minutes, and in the next couple of hours, they’re on the road looking at properties. If you don’t catch them on that tour, you might have lost them.

I get the resistance to technology. It’s hard to accept something new, especially when you fundamentally don’t understand it. It’s kind of the way I feel about shag carpet.

Call to View and Touchbase are one of the most beautiful aspects of the new technology in Calgary Real Estate. If you’re an agent in Calgary who does not know how to use Touchbase or how to connect it to your cell phone, give me and Clint a call and we’ll gladly get you up and running for the small charge of two Tim Horton’s double-doubles.(Size of beverage to be determined in direct relation to age of your cell phone). :)


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