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Twitter and the Agent


First of all, I like to consider myself pretty hip and with it. I wield an iPad like nobody’s business, and I Facebook with the best of them, but I am having such a tough time with Twitter. Can we all agree that learning Twitter seems to be like learning a new language? I’m 29, and I just don’t get it.

It’s all like:

“Hey @#%^Guys. What’s up. I was just totally talking to @%&**&%$R Sara, and she told me that @*^%*)Justin Bieber rocks!!!! Whoo Hooo!”

I can’t even read that stuff. What are they saying? What’s worse, there’s people on Twitter that I want to follow, but I can’t tell the difference between what they’re Tweeting, and what people on their wall are Tweeting. Then there’s re-tweeting. Like what is that? I’m lost.

I only have the account for Real Estate purposes, and now I’m realizing that I have to be careful who I follow because their tweets somehow end up on my wall. Some of the stuff, I look at and think, Yah, I don’t really agree with that. But there’s no way to delete the posts off your wall, it seems, without un-following the people who Tweeted them.

Facebook is fun. I understand Facebook. I can blast out listings on there, and I can talk about the real estate market in Calgary, and I can happily comment on posts without needing to use my shift key 14 times: #$%^^&$##.

Then the last problem I have is actually being on Twitter. If I have the page open on my desktop, I feel like I have to look over my shoulder to see who can see me, including Clint (my husband/business partner). He’ll glance over my shoulder and say, “What are you doing?” At which point I hastily close the window and say, “Nothing, nothing. Just crunching some statistics numbers for the month.”

I think he still suspects that I’m looking up Justin Bieber.


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Gabe Sanders

I try to be as socially hip as most, but I too have not understood nor yet succumbed to the twitter phenomenon. I just don't have the time and I really don't think it will benefit my business model.

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