Low Priced Bargain homes becoming scarce.


Just got the news that we had another record breaking month at Downing-Frye Realty, Inc in Naples, closing May with a $11,000,000 closed sales volume day on May 31st. Deciding upon which Broker to hang my license with in Naples, was a tough decision, but as our recent sales have shown, I made the right decision, our closed transactions for the first five months of 2012 are up 16% over the same time period in 2011. Its certainly busy, even though its officially "out of season" I am getting calls from all over the country, from people interested in the housing market here in Southwest Florida, I actually tried to find a bargain low priced home for a client this week, and could not find anything, (I mean under $60,000) , the same time last year, bargain low priced homes were everywher, I have even been finding price increases on the MLS. Whats is like in your area of the US ?


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