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Living on the Gulf of Mexico has many advantages from high rise condo living to unique luxury estate homes overlookIng the pristine white sand beaches with their glorious evening views of the sunset, to be able to wake to this environment every day is indeed a privalege, South of 5th avenue in Florida, lies Olde Naples and Port Royal surrounded on three sides by water, it's quaint streets, unique homes, harbor and pier providie an island qualityl to the area. Lots going on here keep in touch with this little slice of paradise here on Real Estate Joe's Blog!

Naples homes of the rich and famous

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Naples, Florida attracts the rich and famous, why, because it has long been known for it's white sand beaches and warm tropical breezes as a place to spend the winter months, plus we have an abundance of luxury homes,  Naples has an ambience all of it's own, Old Naples the area from central avenue south, down past 5th ave and 3rd street all the way to Port Royal is known as Olde Naples, it has an island like feel with many roads leading to the water.  While to the north side of Naples ther...

Waiting for the Storm In Naples Florida

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  Well here we are waiting for Tropcal Store Isaac to either pass us by , turn into a Hurricane, or turn inland and come ashore in Naples.  Living in Naples Florida, one of the many things that worries many home owners moving to Naples, or thinking of purchasing a winter vacation home in Naples is the threat of hurricanes during the rainy season.  I have to admit, when I first moved here over 15 years ago,  I too, was concerned about the possibility of hurricanes,  I remember my very fir...

Hurricane Isaac may hit Naples Florida!

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I have just finished watching the latest on Tropical Storm Isaac, which no doubt will become Hurricane Isaac in the very near future, predictions are that it will make US landfall sometime on Monday, arriving over Marco Island and heading up the west coast of Florida.  For all of you out there who think they are not going to be affected by this, think again, Reuters in New York announced that they expect your morning orange juice to cost you more due to the probable damage to oange grove cro...

Whats going on in Naples, planning and permits!

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So you arrived in this sleepy little town fifty years ago, one street down the middle, empty beaches as far as the eye could see and waterfront homes galore, just sitting there waiting to be snatched up for very little money.  The mosquitoes were terrible, no overhead planes to conveniently fly over the town every week to spray and keep them undercontrol, and, there are gators everywhere.  Well at least that's what I think it must have been like, but for those that persisted and made Naples ...

Summer in Florida

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I've lived in a few places, but Naples in Florida is my favorite, its warm and sunny, the winter is delightful with temperatures in the 70's or 80's and cool evenings, but not too cool to sit out and barbeque or even camp and sit around the campfire roasting marshmellows!   The winter snowbirds (seasonal residents who come from the colder states to spend their winters) flock down and the town comes alive, street cafes, art festivals and fairs, evening time brings crowds to 5th Avenue South t...

Canoe Races and other Naples activities!

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The Canoe Races were yet again attended by thousands of Naples residents and snowbirds yesterday May 12th, a highlight to the end of winter seasons here in Naples!   Crayton Cove saw the 36th annual canoe race on yet another beautiful day, sunny but with scattered  clouds, perfect for the fun and games that always follow. Hundreds of sightseers lined the waters edge, or rocked in their own boats to watch the event.  Although not everyone got to see the races, with so many boats sometimes the...