Hurricane Isaac may hit Naples Florida!


I have just finished watching the latest on Tropical Storm Isaac, which no doubt will become Hurricane Isaac in the very near future, predictions are that it will make US landfall sometime on Monday, arriving over Marco Island and heading up the west coast of Florida. For all of you out there who think they are not going to be affected by this, think again, Reuters in New York announced that they expect your morning orange juice to cost you more due to the probable damage to oange grove crops. So as you sit there and watch this weather pattern emerge, remember we are actually lucky in Florida, Texas has Tornado's that whip up out of nowhere, California's are on permanent watch for the next big one, so relatively, Floridian's are lucky, we have time to prepare and if we want, and plan early enough, we can book an early flight and go visit relatives until the worst is past, we also have days to gather our food and water rations, board up our homes and paint large phone numbers on the sides of our livestock, in an effort to try and find them again once the worst is past! The real estate market in Naples is sure to have a small set back due to the hurricane, but, the depression we have all just lived through caused far more damange to our real estate market than Hurrican Isaac may do. Living in Naples, Florida, we are prepared and expect at least one to hit somewhere during the hurricane season, I have a rule, if its over a 3, then I head north, however one year I headed north to Orlando, only to find that Orlando was worst hit than Naples, you never can tell. So if Isaac skirts past on the way to its final landing place, I guess we are the lucky ones, just keep your fingers crossed, like me, that it's not your home town, Hurricane Isaac decides to call it home!.

by Joe Epifanio+

Dependably yours,

Joe Epifanio
Managing Broker
Engel & Voelkers Olde Naples


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