Whats going on in Naples, planning and permits!


So you arrived in this sleepy little town fifty years ago, one street down the middle, empty beaches as far as the eye could see and waterfront homes galore, just sitting there waiting to be snatched up for very little money. The mosquitoes were terrible, no overhead planes to conveniently fly over the town every week to spray and keep them undercontrol, and, there are gators everywhere. Well at least that's what I think it must have been like, but for those that persisted and made Naples their home, the benefits must have quickly outshone the downside of bugs, snakes and no air-conditioning! The lucky early settlers who took up residence along the waterfront in the area south of Olde Naples, did not pay a million dollars for a quarter of an acre plot, nor did they have building restrictions, planning and permitting to go through, luckily though, Port Royal and Aqualane Shores in Naples, managed to escape the usual demise of beachfront towns, that being overpopulation along the shoreline. The area however, is now managed and conrolled by planning and permits, which, in this day and age are much needed if we want to keep these beautiful areas in the condition they are now. The area south of Naples has no high rise towers, no ugly strip malls, the streets are narrow and quaint, the beach and bay are maintained without harming the natural nature of Naples. Although we all complain about getting permits, the time it takes, the hoops we have to jump through just to build for instance a fence, its the permitting that keeps Naples what it is today, a unique beautiful town, with and olde world atmosphere, wonderful homes and, thank goodness, mosquito control!

Dependably yours,

Joe Epifanio
Managing Broker
Engel & Voelkers Olde Naples


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