Looking for a home in New York City's more established communities, New Dorp, Staten Island is wo...

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If you’re looking for a change from the carbon copy homes of more modern Staten Island neighborhoods, New Dorp is your place to go if you’re relocating to New York City. The towns of Oakwood and Grant City sit adjacent to New Dorp and have similar attributes to this community. However, New Dorp's commercial district is much renowned and stands as the one stark difference between these communities.  There are a variety of houses in the neighborhood, all with different sizes and architectural ...

Tranquility in the big city, think Lighthouse Hill, Staten Island

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Luxury and variety are key when it comes to living on Staten Island’s Lighthouse Hill.  Rivaled only by Todt Hill, Lighthouse Hill is arguably one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in New York City.  Lighthouse Hill is part of Staten Island’s hill chain, one that includes Todt Hill, Emerson Hill, Grymes Hill, among others. Basically, Staten Island’s hill chain was created by the push of a glacial ridge during the earths Ice Age. To sum it up this way, Staten Island’s is the only place in...

Tottenville is part of New York City, but it's a far cry from the concrete jungle perception.

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If you’d like to live in a community that is rich in history, with an image to match it, then finding a home in Tottenville may be for you.  If you’ve seen the movie Pleasantville, then you may already have an idea of what living in Tottenville is like.  With old, Victorian homes and friendly neighbors who wave to each other, it’s like you’re not even in New York City.  While many new homes have been constructed in the neighborhood, a number of the older homes have been preserved and designa...

Great Kills offers up some of Staten Island's best waterfront real estate.

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If you’re a water lover or just love the view of the ocean, you may want to take a gander at some of the houses located in Great Kills.  With options such as condominiums, cooperatives, one- and two-family homes, semi-attached homes, townhouses, there’s something for everyone.  The styles of homes range, as well, with most of them having been prominent during the nineteenth century.  You will find a number of Tudor Revival and Victorian-style homes throughout this neighborhood.  The greatest...

From the affordable to the opulent with a bit of nature sprinkled in, it's Annadale, Staten Island

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If you’d like to experience Mother Nature’s beauty alongside man-made splendor right outside your door, you may want to consider what the town of Annadale, Staten Islandhas to offer.  When looking for a detached house, why settle for a boring, run-of-the-mill home for your family when you can easily have a pulchritudinous, upscale home and landscape?  After the influx of town houses during the late twentieth century, many detached, custom-style homes were built in the neighborhood known as A...

Westerleigh is one place on Staten Island that offers up an old Americana feel.

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If you take pride in your country and love to show it, this New York City community your cup of tea.  Why not try living in one of the most patriotic neighborhoods on Staten Island, such as Westerleigh?  Not only will you see flags flying outside houses, but you will see residents jogging, walking their dogs, and greeting their neighbors.  These are the same residents who attend the Westerleigh Little Guys & Gays baseball games at Northerleigh Park to support not only their children, but...

When it comes to Staten Island's luxury home market, Grymes Hill has a stake in the game.

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If you’d rather not have the entire spotlight provided while living on Todt Hill, why not try out Staten Island’s second-highest point of elevation, Grymes Hill?  You can still have your luxury home and everybody looking up to see you and your house, but at a lower price and at 310 feet above sea level, as opposed to the 410 feet you would be on when living on Todt Hill.  Here, your necessities are even closer to home than they would be living at the higher elevation. Grymes Hill and Todt...

Todt Hill Staten Island is unlike what most would come to expect when living in New York City.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like royalty inside the confines of New York City?  How about what it would be like to live in an area with celebrities?  Now let me ask you this: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like a celebrity?  Well maybe now is the time to try it out.  You don’t have to quit your job or travel far to experience the pleasures of a luxury living.  Furthermore, you don’t even have to movie to Hollywood to live amongst the stars as so...

When looking into Staten Island's luxury home market, Prince's Bay is often overlooked.

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If you’re looking for space, you’ve come to the right place!  Prince’s Bay is home to some of the most appealing houses on Staten Island—and they’re all spread out amongst the luxurious, seaside community.  The history of these homes goes back as far as the eighteenth century, when the occupation of harvesting oysters was quite popular amongst Staten Islanders.  At the time, oysters were more plentiful near the shores of the Island than they were in other places, so oystermen became rather w...

Staten Island's Rossville neighborhood has transformed into modern suburbia.

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It’s amazing how much a neighborhood can change in only a few decades.  Only thirty years ago, Rossville was all farmland.  With the opening of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in 1964, homes began to be constructed in the neighborhood.  However, the real upsurge in construction began when the West Shore Expressway opened in 1976.  Since then, the neighborhood has flourished into a desirable residential area, much like it had been during the nineteenth century.  The country charm is still th...

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