Marina District Condo For Sale in San Diego


Harbor Club Real Estate for Sale in Downtown San Diego

Do not miss out on the astonishing real estate for sale at the 40 story Harbor Club in the Marina District downtown San Diego. One of the best condos available is 100 Harbor Dr # 3803 on the 38th floor.

This condo offers such amazing features that you will be blown away from the time you walk in the door. The astonishing room size offers the illusion of endless amounts of space. Its enormous, open floor plan offers extended space and comfort. This condo is designed so neatly and efficiently that you will not even have to work hard to use the space well; it practically designs itself. Enjoy gorgeous granite design elements to make this the perfect modern condo for you to call home.

Stop by today for a visit and you will not want to leave without making a bid! Call 1-800-221-2210 for your chance to get this awesome home.


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