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The Appeal of Condos

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 381 Views

In today's economic environment, it is becoming more and more difficult to enter the housing market for many young people. Increases in the cost of living and large gaps between the rich and the poor have contributed to this. For many who are looking to become homeowners for the first time, the idea of purchasing a condo rather than a house is more appealing than it ever has been. There are many different types of condominiums to choose from. You will find both high-rise and...

Buying Your Own Little Piece of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 1,090 Views

It seems that in these difficult times, the media can't talk about the woes of the real estate market without mentioning Florida in the same breath. And with all the worrying about the housing market in the Sunshine State, it may seem a little surprising that there is a residential resort community right in the heart of the one of the troubled areas. It is said that “location, location, location” is essential in real estate sales, and it looks like they've got that one covered. ...

Heathrow FL Homes: Living in Luxury

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 1,593 Views

Have you ever gone on a holiday and wished that you could just live at the resort forever? Well, sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a piece of real estate that provides the same level of luxury and pampering that you normally can only find in a 5 star hotel. This gorgeous luxury home for sale on Saddleworth Place in the Heathrow neighborhood of Lake Mary Florida is just such a find. The expansive 14,000 square foot home is situated on wooded acreage that also boasts an in-ground s...

Rising Rents, Lower Mortgage Rates Make Buying More Appealing in Orlando

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 654 Views

For renters in Orlando, current trends might provide the best opportunity to buy a home to come along in quite a while. Rental rates are expected to climb by as much as 3% over 2011, to an average of over $860 per month. With the costs of renting increasing this year, and the vacancy rate in Orlando dropping, there is added incentive for home renters to seriously consider buying a home instead. If you’re a renter in need an extra little nudge in the direction of home purchasing you’ll be...

Renovating with Universal Design

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 617 Views

When you consider the popularity of places like Florida for people to retire to, it’s no great surprise to know that making a home more “retirement-friendly” can work well to your advantage when you market your Orlando home.  Using elements of universal design is a great way to add value to your home while also making it more comfortable for you to live in as well. Universal design is basically planning and design that is accessible to everyone, both with and without disabilities. Depend...

3 Tips for Selling a Home Quickly

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 623 Views

The real estate market has been pretty gloomy for sellers. Houses seem to take months to sell, and the competition from foreclosure properties only hurts the individual seller who is trying to compete. Yet, when you look at real estate statistics from any given local market, you will see that there are still a few homes out there that sell relatively quickly – or at least under the "average days on market" figure for the area. If you're putting your home on the market, it's important...

Slower than Expected Recovery is Great for Buyers

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 731 Views

Recent real estate news is filled with gloom and doom. The most recent report from researchers at the National Board of Realtors suggests that housing prices are continuing to decline and are not expected to hit rock bottom until sometime around the end of the year. There are several reasons why the economic recovery is taking longer than expected. The primary reason is the growth in jobs. Job growth was expected to gain strength much more quickly than has actually occurred. This continue...

The Dirty Facts About Mold

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 823 Views

The conscientious homebuyer takes great pains to ensure that the home being purchased is solidly built and has no outstanding repair or other issues prior to the closing date. This is one of the primary reasons that so many homebuyers elect to have an inspection performed after signing a purchase contract. At the same time, anyone who is selling a home should be concerned about these same issues. With today's inventory at record levels, sellers must do everything possible to make thei...

Florida Homes: Still the Buyer's Market

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 1,464 Views

Home sales dropped three percent across the country in the first quarter of 2011, the sharpest quarter over quarter decline since 2008, according to Zillow. This sharp drop has caused Zillow to revise its forecast for when home prices will bottom out. Earlier, Zillow had expected the market to show some recovery by the end of this year. Based on this quarter's results, Zillow now believes that home prices will not start to recover until sometime in 2012. In the month of March alone, 1 in eve...

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor

RealtyExecutivesFlorida posted this 796 Views

Overall, real estate agents can be some of the most personable people on the planet. While this can be wonderful, and can make working with them fun, whether you're a buyer or a seller; don’t let that potential realtor's great smile and winning personality detract you from the facts. Realtors sell real estate in order to make a living. It's a business transaction to them, so it must be a business transaction for you, too. Tips for Ensuring a Good Real Estate Experience When you ev...