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Formatting Content with CMS Snippets II - Tables and Fonts

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Tables and Fonts In this blog post, we'll continue with using styles to format content. This time, we're having a look at tables and fonts. Keep in mind that while tables may seem like an easy and effective way to format various content, tables are really intended for tabular data, and not design layout. Tables must not be used as layout aids. Historically, some Web authors have misused tables in HTML as a way to control their page layout. This usage is non-conforming, because...

Formatting Content with CMS Snippets I - Text and Images

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Some of our clients take a very hands on approach to adding content to their sites. Not surprisingly, this often involves HTML, such as when editing #nav-primary# or #cta-communities# links. Some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript can go a long way when formatting web content. While our support department cannot officially support teaching client-side web development, I wanted to put together a couple of tutorials to help spark the imagination, and show some of the ...

Email Drip Campaigns

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Email campaigns can be setup to send prespecified email based on how many days a lead has been assigned to a particlar group.Groups, Campaigns, and Documents are all under the Leads Tab in the CMS backend, and are integral to creating email drip campaigns. For this example, we are going to create an email drip campaign that sends an email every 7 days for 8 weeks. Step 1 Leads > Groups > Add New Group (full size) Group Name: My 8 Week Email Group Group Descri...

Snippets: IDX & CMS Part 3 - Putting it all together

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This time we are going to make a box to show links to the various cities in a state. For each City, we will have SubDivisions, and IDX Searches. The first step is to define the cities in the state and create an unordered list. In this case, we are defining the cities for the state of Florida. State: Florida Cities: Gainsville, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, etc. The result is: The snippet we used for this was: <div class="communities-nav-container">    <d...

Snippets: IDX & CMS Part 2 - Creating a CMS Snippet

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In the last post Snippets: IDX & CMS Part 1 - Creating a IDX Snippet, we created an IDX Snippet and put it into a page. This time we are going to look at CMS Snippets. There's a lot we can do with CMS Snippets, and knowing a little HTML can be helpful. Here we are going to make a nice looking box of links to IDX Searches of SubDivisions within a City, like this: To do so, we will need to create a CMS Snippet, and put a page for it. The snippet will look like this: <div cl...

Snippets: IDX & CMS Part 1 - Creating an IDX Snippet

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The two types of Snippets that we can create and edit on our sites are IDX and CMS Snippets. You may also have Module Snippets, which are not editable, and Form Snippets, which are editable, but cannot be created or deleted. So, what are IDX and CMS snippets, when and how do we use them? IDX Snippets www.mysite.com/backend (login): CMS > Manage Snippets > Add IDX Snippet You can edit your IDX settings to include or not include severeal search criteria. In this case, we ...