Snippets: IDX & CMS Part 1 - Creating an IDX Snippet


The two types of Snippets that we can create and edit on our sites are IDX and CMS Snippets. You may also have Module Snippets, which are not editable, and Form Snippets, which are editable, but cannot be created or deleted.

So, what are IDX and CMS snippets, when and how do we use them?

IDX Snippets (login): CMS > Manage Snippets > Add IDX Snippet

You can edit your IDX settings to include or not include severeal search criteria. In this case, we are using: Property Type, City, and Subdivision (Residential, Orlando, and Isle of Pines).

Snippet Name is what will be used to generate the snippet tag. In this case: #orlando-isleofpines#

It is a good idea to make a name that is representative of what the snippet does. As this is an IDX Snippet that displays residential listings for Isle of Pines, Orlando, #orlando-isleofpines# is suitable.

Just add a snippet you create (in this case: #orlando-isleofpines#) to the "Page Content" field, and your IDX Search results will display on that page.

CMS > Snippets > IDX Snippets shows the current IDX snippets.

In order to see a snippet, we must add it onto a page. Let's make a new page for this snippet and see it in action.

CMS > Manage Pages > Add New Page

You can name your pages whatever you like, but keep in mind that having name conventions (and following them!) is great for organizational purposes. In this case, I am going to name this page Orlando Isle of Pines.

I chose this, instead of Isle of Pines Orlando, because Orlando is my City name, and Isle of Pines is my subdivision name. I plan on making an IDX Snippet for each subdivision in Orlando. If I view them alphabetically, they will be grouped together, because they will all have names that begin with Orlando.

Just add a snippet you create (in this case: #orlando-isleofpines#) to the "Page Content" field, and your IDX Search results will display on that page.

Take note of Filename/Alias, as this will become the URL we use to link to this page.

Here, I have chosen Hide from Navigation (I will leave this unchecked if I want a side nav link to this page).

Here is what the page looks like with Hide Content Feature unchecked:

And now with Hide Content Feature checked:

And there is an IDX Snippet. Next, we'll have a look at creating a menu of listings of Subdivisions within a City, in Snippets: IDX & CMS Part 2 - Creating a CMS Snippet

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