Promo - 30 Days to Summit 2012


Wow, time is cruising. I can’t believe we’re officially down to the last month before REW Summit 2012 in Miami. To celebrate, we’re throwing a promo. Deep discounts for all, but extra deep discounts if you join us at the Summit.

Promotion starts today, Monday August 20th and ends Friday September 7th.

Discounts for Everyone:

  • 35% off fixed price product upgrades, templates and IDX
  • 20% off custom hours ***due to current production loads we are limiting the volume of discounted hours to just 500 each for programming and design
  • LEC’s*
    • 2012 $10,000
    • 2011 $9,000
    • 2010 $8,000
    • 2009 and 2008 $5,000
      *Contact your sales representative to discuss availability 1-877-753-9893

Discounts for Summit Attendees ONLY

  • 55% off fixed price products, templates and IDX
  • 25% off custom hours ***due to current production loads we are limiting the volume of discounted hours to just 500 each for programming and design
  • LEC’s – receive an additional 20%; rates calculated below.
    • 2012 $8,000
    • 2011 $7,200
    • 2010 $6,400
    • 2009 and 2008 $4,000

Terms and Conditions:

- There are a limited number of custom hours on sale; 500 hours of programming and 500 hours of design. Hurry, these won’t last long.
- You must actually attend Summit in order to claim the additional discount.
- You will be invoiced the “Everyone” rate to start with. At the end of Summit we will retroactively adjust the invoices of all Summit attendees (issued within the promo dates) and provide credits to those of you who joined us. Or if you ask, we’ll even issue the difference as a refund.
- Orders must be received by 4pm PST on Friday, September 7th
- Previous outstanding balances must be paid prior to ordering new work, including promotional hours and new websites (with the exception of those on an agreed-upon payment plan in good standing).
- Hours and orders can be applied to "new work only" - you cannot apply discounts to previously ordered labor or products.

Need to Book: Please contact your sales rep directly or post in comments below.
As with all promotions - our sales department is going to get incredibly busy - I would ask that if you are assigned to a sales person other than myself (Niki, Patrick, James or Morgan ) that you please contact them via email or telephone directly.
1-250-753-9893 local 1-877-753-9893 toll free

Not convinced by the extra cash savings? Here are a few other reasons to attend:

- 2 amazing days of networking with REW staffers and other successful REW clients.
- 6 fantastic courses packed with useful industry information. Learn about:

  • The curious world of SEO post-Penguin, with REW’s CEO and resident SEO Guru, Morgan Carey
  • Maximizing your Lead Conversion with the ever engaging Eric Blackwell
  • Utilizing PPC to your advantage with REW’s SEO Team Lead, Kim Krieger
  • Optimizing your site for Speed and Ranking with code genius and REW R&D guy, Anthony Hatzopoulos
  • Introduction to our NEW 4.2 backend with the mastermind coder who developed it, Mike Griffiths
  • And a breakout session to show and tell your best ideas (give a little – take a lot) hosted by yours truly, Allison Bauman.

-Penthouse Mixer – come, drink our booze, relax and get to know us…we really are a fun bunch to hang out with.
-Catered lunches – none of that soggy sandwich in a box stuff either. This is real food!
-The whole trip is a mini vacation that doubles as a tax write-off :)

How to attend

We only have 100 seats available for this event and they are on a first come, first served basis.
*Note that as of this post there are only 28 seats remaining.
To order your tickets & reserve your spot, just use this form: or if you are an existing REW customer you can also email and request that they bill your account for the number of tickets you would like.

Tickets are $499 USD per person and include access to 2 days of classes, professionally catered lunches & access to the exclusive REW event.

Here are the details:

Link to order form:

Venue: Miami Beach Convention Center
Dates: Sept 20th-21st

If you have questions of me or this promotion specifically - please post them in the comments section of this blog below, that way everyone can benefit from the response. I will follow up to approve & answer them shortly. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Allison Bauman
Sales Manager


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Btw, for those of you who don't know her - Allison is the sales manager at REW, this is her first attempt at fully running an REW promotion, let's make sure we hit her up with lots of great questions / comments - she will also be at the Summit to meet in person.


Are there any fixed products I dont already have?

REW Allison

Hi Mike!

Business Directory. Great little tool to encourge local links.



Yeah I want that send me the bill.. I was going to order that anyways..

REW Allison

Thanks Mike. I will submit this to billing now. Looking forward to seeing you at Summit!

Gloria Singer

Hi, any fixed price modules that I need for my new LEC 2012?

I can think of business directory, not sure what I would need on the IDX. Let me know!

REW Allison

There are quite a few actually. You have some of them for your LEC 2008 already. I will send you an email with the ones you have for that site plus additonal upgrades.


I would like to grab 15 hours please and the birds eye view.


REW Allison

Thank you Chris. Submitting your order now.

Ashley McDonald

Glad to get the e-mail. Just replied with several requests. Thanks!

Erika McCann


Would like some custom hours too please. Have never purchased so have no idea price wise. Any other new goodies that are must haves for a custom site?



Daniel Beer

Please bill me for 20 hours. Thank you.

REW Allison

Ashley, I have sent you an email with prices for all the fixed price modules you are interested in (yes they are all on promo)...the rest of your requests have been sent to estimations.

Erika, some of the best goodies for you would be found in our latest backend. I would recommend upgrading that first. I'll have the production team estimate it for you.

REW Allison

Order sent. Thanks Dan!

Erika McCann


What would the backend upgrades be, any examples?



REW Allison


An upgrade to the backend would give you a whole host of new management and marketing tools to help you improve your ROI. It would also allow us to upgrade your IDX to the latest version. Something more along these lines
I had the estimate completed this morning. I will email you the quote.


The Beaches 360

Anything The Beaches 360 could use, Beyond programming/SEO hours? Thanks in advance and maybe this year we'll better understand what everyone is saying vs. last summit. Maybe.....

Indy Realtor

Hi Allison,

What is the current price of tempaltes? Thanks in advance.


Could have swore I saw a thread in the forums about hotels, things to do, etc. and now I can't find it...any idea what the link is?


REW Allison

Indy- With the 35% discount applied to templates they are $325.
Remember you can also apply the 35% discount to Integrated IDX (now $1625) and all other upgrade modules too (currently promotion priced at $65-$325).

Josh - the forum posts with info about hotels is here:

Indy Realtor

Thanks Allison, I will take a new template please with suckerfish and a blog. Thanks.

REW Allison

Sounds good Mike. Sending to billing now.

Cindy Knight

Allison I'll take the business directory and 5 custom hours for MacombHomeFinder

REW Allison

Thank you Cindy. I will submit this to billing now.


Hi Allison -

I see that I've missed the deadline by one day. Any chance you'll help me out if I place an order today? I'm interested in providing full listing detail instead of the partial detail that is currently provided.


- Chris

REW Allison

I sent you an email Chris.

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