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Canadian Realtors Launch Reputation Management Campaign

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The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has launched a television commercial called “Faces” (Follow the link below to view the ad). The 30 second, high definition advertisement uses morphing technology to seamlessly transition between faces of different races and ages. Each different face represents a testimonial espousing the value of using a professional REALTOR®. The commercial, which will run from Aug 23 through the week of Oct 18, is part of the $2 million fall advertising campai...

Why Can't We Just Be Content?

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Why do we always want more; bigger, better, clearer, louder, faster? It seems we are never happy with last year's model, or yesterday's style. Trends are constantly changing and we are a trendy nation.... keeping up with the Jones' is not an easy job; it also takes a toll on the economy. Our constant quest for acquiring more 'things' has led to one of the worst financial crisis our country has ever seen. The subprime mortgage debacle has enabled a great number of citizens to purchase homes t...